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  • Aed8031 By  Aed8031    

    Loved it

    My boyfriend got poison ivy so I used this to put on his arm over the calamine lotion. I used many other products before finding this one. It was inexpensive and did not stick to his arm or tear! Love this product will use again if needed

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  • bndrollins By  bndrollins    

    These were recommended by my husband's orthopedic surgeon when he smashed his finger at work. It allowed the wound to breathe while protecting his stitches. It didn't stick at all even with antibiotic ointment on it. We used another product and it was like torture trying to gently remove it from his surgical wounds. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

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  • bambola By  bambola    

    I really like the way it held and that it's a breathable product. It made healing much more faster . The fabric is soft and confortable. Best in it's class.

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