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  • GMulholland By  GMulholland    

    Perfect For Diaper Rash

    I have been a huge fan of Balmex for many years and it was the only thing that would work for my daughter. I love that it is now available in a cream stick because it makes it easier to apply. It is also more convenient to throw in the diaper bag. I recommend Balmex to anyone with a baby.

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  • Mandie2803 By  Mandie2803    

    Works amazing!! The only negative I have is that the stick broke very easily.

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  • tararl By  tararl    

    Balmex was the perfect treatment of my kids diaper rash. It went on nicely and has a pleasant scent.

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  • sarah722 By  sarah722    

    I love balmex I put this on my son and by the next morning the rash is gone love it but the stick yea not so great with the design I had similar problems to others and ended up using my finger.

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  • onlyme212529 By  onlyme212529    

    I have 5 children and to say the least,they are not all the same when it comes to rashes. I used this with my 1st and 2nd daughter and it worked like a charm. Within 1 day of use the rash would usually be completely gone or very minimal rash left. Its thickness lets it stay on longer than other diaper rash products I've used. A bit pricey but well worth it if it works as well as it did on my first 2 daughters. With my 2 younger daughters and my son this was not effective at all.Actually with my son I think it irritated the rash even more. But I believe its all about the baby and their skin type. It worked fantastically for some of my children but not all.

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  • kapa1985 By  kapa1985    

    I love this cream it is the only one the seems to stop any kind of rash on my baby. I didn't give it 5 stars because the cream stick is not well designed, the top part kept coming out before the cream, I had to just take it off and use my fingers. Buy the tube instead

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  • celler By  celler    

    My kids are 4 an 7 an we still have balmex in case they get a rash when we go camping,

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  • girl17 By  girl17    

    I thought a hands free application of diaper rash cream was an amazing idea until I tried the Balmex Diaper Rash Cream Stick. The top plastic part of the package pops off when I roll up the diaper cream. I ended up having to remove the top portion and used my fingers to scoop the cream out. Will not pay extra for this "convenience" again.

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