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  • candycayne15 By  candycayne15    

    No more fights!

    I love brownies, especially the edge pieces, unfortunately so does my boyfriend and this has been the cause of many fights. The Bakers Edge Brownie Pan has completely eliminated that problem cause now we both get as many edge pieces as we want. This is the best product I have ever bought. Very highly recommend!

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  • mimilovesall8 By  mimilovesall8    

    Greatest Brownie pan ever! It makes cutting brownies so much easier. I have longed for a pan like this for years because we are big brownie eaters!

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  • ayoshayy By  ayoshayy    

    This is the greatest invention ever I'm an edge person and I hate trying to fight to get the corners of Brownies. Now I can always get a corner without having to hide them

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  • saraorjohn By  saraorjohn    

    This is the best brownie pan ever! No more fighting over the edges, because every piece has at least two edges. It's non-stick so your brownies just pop out and it comes with yummy recipes. Try it, you'll never go back to your old pan!

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