Bai 5 Brasilia Blueberry

Bai 5 Brasilia Blueberry

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Refreshing, not too filling I just tried this the other day and truly loved it! I'm a stickler for what I drink and what I offer my kids. It was low in calories and sugars--which is so important to me. I enjoyed the taste, too. It was light...a cross between water and a juice. Refreshing, not too filling. It was perfect after my workout.

Love Love Love! One of my favorite drink in the entire world! One of the best tasting drink out there today!

Bai Drinks i love this drink even though it is rather expensive unless you can get it on sale. it does not have a whole lot of calories. it can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bye bai I didn't like it a bit. It has strong pungent flavor which doesn't even quenches thirst. worst beverage ever

Bit too sweet All the Bai products are good and tasty but some of them, like this one, could be less sweet. On the other hand they are refreshing and love the variety.

"Bye, Bye, Bye, Baby" Delish! I especially love the fizzy cans! These are nice soda replacements.

Refreshing. The flavor is nothing to die for. However this drink is very healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. Most healthy drinks don't taste the best in my opinion but the drink does leave you feeling refreshed. Great source to implement your daily nutrients.

It is okay but not a favorite. These are great for a healthier drink choice but it does have a slight waxy after taste.

Awesome drink A very refreshing drink. Seems very good for you. Its a great alternative to soda. Great flavor and taste.

These drinks are pretty good. I like that they're low calorie. They definitely taste like an artificial sweetener to me, but that's to be expected when something is sweetened with artificial sweetener. The blueberry flavor isn't my favorite, but it tastes good.

Bai Drinks I absolutely love bai drinks in general, but the blueberry is one of my top picks.

When i tried this for the first time i was actually impressed that a diet drink would taste this good.

Yuck This shit was GROSS. Terrible artificial sweetenerm. And if Im going to be drinking anthying that CLAIMS to taste of blueberry Ill just drink Knudsens pure blueberry juice.

This was surprisingly tasty for a healthy low-calorie drink. The blueberry flavor was natural and refreshing.

Best diet drink out there Hands down, Bai has the best diet drinks out there. They have an incredible taste for a diet drink and I choose Bai over Teas or other flavored water all the time. If the bottle was more environmentally friendly I would buy it more often.