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  • RaquelC By  RaquelC    

    Easy for pruning especially roses which need constant upkeep

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  • CSBan1950 By  CSBan1950    

    Bahco Harvesting Snips

    I love these, They will prune almost anything. I love the orange handle makes them easy to see if put on the ground.

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  • forthall By  forthall    

    I use this for all mt grading pruning there is nothing it cant prune. very satisfied.

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  • Gghardin By  Gghardin    

    Love using these, everyone should have a pair if you do yard work!

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    I have not personally tried these but I would like to. A friend of mine has them and uses them often.

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  • HeatherSeasr83 By  HeatherSeasr83    

    Good for the garden and prunning roses

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  • fabbri By  fabbri    

    Bahco 7-1/2-Inch Harvesting Snips P128-19 -- I got these snips to work a 20'x10' plot of vegetables and flowers, and they did just about everything I needed them to do. They're also very light, have a slim profile, and easily fit in a pocket so that they're always handy. And for those times when I forget to put them back in my pocket or bag, their orange color makes them easy to find. The handles are grippy and lock closed easily and quickly. They are not super sharp -- which is good and bad -- nor are they big enough to cut through large or tough stems, branches, etc. They also do not come with a cover, which would be nice. But, overall, I think they're pretty great snips, and if I lost them, I would get another pair.

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