Back-to-School Eco Chic

   By DailyGrommet  Sep 08, 2010

It’s that time of year again: Time to slog through the office supply store, arguing with your child about whether the notebook with the fancy cover is really worth $2 more. It’s a race to see which one you weep for first – the trees or your sanity!

Or, you could skip all of that and just pick up this ReBinder Green School Supply Kit with everything a child needs for the entire year. Absolutely all of it comes from recycled fibers (85% of them post-consumer). The 30-piece pack includes recycled CD cases and sleeves plus plenty of notebooks (with blank, lined, and graph paper) and folders. But the piece de resistance is truly the signature ReBinder. Its 3-ring core can be removed and placed in one of the two included replacement covers when the original wears out, so you don’t need to buy a whole new binder. It’s a one-stop supply stock you can feel good about, and the “blank canvas” approach allows kids to customize the pieces with their own designs.

Recycled supplies are better for the planet, of course, but ReBinder founders David Stober and Brant Williams have taken their social enterprise even further. Each kit is assembled by their AbilityOne certified disabled workforce, so you’re supporting both the environment and employment opportunities for those who might not otherwise have them.

It’s an environmentally and socially responsible choice for students, schools and communities, say Liz Boksanski, who told us about ReBinder. “What appeals to me most about ReBinder is the thought of kids headed back to school, armed with their ReBinder gear as if to say: ‘Here we are, we’re raising environmental awareness, encouraging positive change!’ What a bold statement,” Liz says. We couldn’t agree more. Back-to-school never felt so good.

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hatoribabii by hatoribabii | Ossining, NY
Sep 18, 2010

I am so excited to find out about this! rebinder binders in great and eco friendly!!

DailyGrommet by DailyGrommet | Lexington, MA
Sep 14, 2010

Hello! I'm Sara from Daily Grommet. Thanks for all your questions and comments about the ReBinder. We love them too! @ndabrk: The binders are quite sturdy ? similar to a think presentation binder, not the flimsy plastic kind. The card board is quite thick ? in fact our kids found that sharpie markers worked best for decorating the binders/folders, rather than crayons or regular markers. @centrej: Instead of spirals they have notebooks (lined, graph and plain paper) @misspassion89: Instead of pockets, they have the 3-hole slash pocket folder that go in the binders.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Sep 13, 2010

GREAT idea! BE GREEN : )

ndabrk by ndabrk | Fresno, CA
Sep 12, 2010

LOVE IT!!! I find myself spending way too much money on the "cute" stuff my daughter usually wants, but what does she do??!!! She ends up writing all over the covers. This product looks great and kids can personalize them as they wish. I'm pretty crafty and already tons of ideas are going through my head; just wish I knew just how sturdy they are.

misspassion89 by misspassion89 | Corunna, MI
Sep 10, 2010

I love the idea of recycled school supplies. I remember going through so many myself and now that I am in college I still have to. I just recently purchased a couple of the eco friendly binders myself and they are durable and the colors go with my personality. The only issue I had with them is that they didn't have inside pockets which I like.

centrej by centrej | WALLA WALLA, WA
Sep 09, 2010

I wish I had this as a kid. My parents were working poor and the only thing that would change is the binder because the rings would start breaking. I wonder why they don't have a spiral notebook option.

coupons4tucson by coupons4tucson | Tucson, AZ
Sep 09, 2010

whoa! never knew that kind of product was out there. They should have all binders be re-binders! Makes more sense and with the green mindset, I bet they could sell the extra binder sleeves by themselves.

Von411 by Von411 | El paso, TX
Sep 08, 2010

This was a great idea to rebinder. Kids will love it... Thanks for the tips...