BabyCakes  Mini Cupcake Maker

BabyCakes Mini Cupcake Maker

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Babycakes I had one of these years ago. I liked the colors but it got messy really easy.

BabyCakes I still have one of these around the house. I bought it years ago for my daughter. We used it quite a lot and it was fun. I tried a few recipes with it. I don't know if they are still in the market, but if they are get one.

My grand kids loved this. I make some of the cakes even for Christmas.

We have had ours for over two years now. My kids love making mini cupcakes and pies. I really like the pie option. We love babycakes brand and trust them. We have went on to purchase other babycakes brand items as well.

I seen this product on the Daily Grommet. It comes in a Pink or Yellow. Sounds fun. Makes mini cupcakes without having to turn on the oven. I liked this concept. Looks easy to use. I am not sure if i would choose the Pink (being a breast cancer thriver) or the yellow to match my Kitchen. They both look nice. This would make a wonderful Holiday gift for someone. It is priced at $29.99.

This product I must say is FUN! Whoot! So much fun making delicious treats, I could use it everyday. Having a party or having your childrens friends over, this is perfect! It makes 8 mini cupcakes in about 8 minutes. It also comes with a recipe book that shows you how to make many snack sized treats, like pies, cornbread, muffins and more. I act more like a kid, than my kids do with this. It's so easy and fun. There is not a problem with this product as of yet and it has to be one of the top 5 kitchen gadgets used.

I love this product! When I bought it I wasn't sure if it would work or not but I have never had a problem with. My cupcakes and muffins always turn out perfectly. Also, they never stick to the pan which is wonderful! Hands down it is one of my most used kitchen items!

I purchased this to make Mini Cupcakes and brownie bites for parties and school functions. It works well but it says to use mini baking liners for brownies and muffins the only problem is that they made the cup size too small for mini cupcake liners I called them about this and they informed me they were trying to correct this design flaw but that there was nothing they could do to fix the problem unless I wanted to buy custom liners from them but that they were out of stock and as of now they are still OOS since December of 2011 so I have been making them w/o a liner

I bought the cupcake maker for my daughter last Christmas. We've only used it twice. Both times we followed the directions exactly but our cupcakes ended up gooey in the middle and burnt around the edges. I wish I knew what we were doing wrong! I love the concept, just can't get it to work for us.

We love our babycakes cupcake maker!! It's the perfect little contraption to satisfy a mom as well as her 5 year old aspiring bakery chef! it is easy, fast and painless to use and makes much more than cupcakes! There is hardly any wait time at all and the recipes are fun and easy to use! End products are delicious and easy to decorate!

This product not only makes 8 mini cupcakes in 5-8 mins it also makes mini pies, stuffed cornbread, quiche, and MORE! The book that comes with the product has excellent recipes! I can make little pies in about 8 mins and they are the perfect snack size. If you are watching what you eat this makes great portion sizes for everyone! I am very happy with this product! Make sure you get the one that includes the crust tools for little pies!!!