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  • foreverandalwaysash By  foreverandalwaysash    

    The set is gorgeous! and honestly any new mother wants a new baby bedding set when they are pregnant but these sets are a waste of money. My kids both of them never even used the bedding set I bought for them...It ended up being to thick and they would get to hott...Instead I ended up going to Michael's and bought a really soft blacket material and sewed a cute siding to it...and they still carry it around with them and ones almost 4 and they other is almost 3.

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    Very nice bedding and I love the fact that it is American made!!

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  • Sweettie66 By  Sweettie66    

    Very beautiful! Price is a little too expensive for me!

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  • TRICIA22 By  TRICIA22    

    Beautiful bedding !

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  • robynlong By  robynlong    

    This beding is beautiful -- I won't mind the colors in my room! I think it is a good price for a baby room.

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  • mermaidmommy By  mermaidmommy    

    I ordered this set because it is made in the USA and is a family-owned and operated business. When it arrived I was more than pleased with the quality of the fabrics and the workmanship. I received a bumper, comforter, crib sheet, and bed skirt. There were many wonderful styles and colors not available anywhere else, but ultimately the quality is what made me rave about it. I ordered minky fabric and my daughter lies in bed and strokes the soft fabric!

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