Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller LX

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller LX

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love it perfect stroller, easy to use and indoors and outdoor, good amount of storage space and comes in nice colors. easy to put away and take out whenever needed.

Nice stroller It generally is a good stroller, but I do wish it had more storage space and was easier to access it. The front seat where the child's butt goes is also really short for some odd reason.

Perfect for inner city use This is the perfect stroller for two kids when you want to go in and out of stores a lot. It's not too long that it's hard to open a door and get through. I wouldn't say it's sturdy enough for long outdoor strolls but great for inner city use.

This is one of the easiest strollers to use when you have an infant and a toddler who just isn't quite ready to walk next to you all the time. I could easily put my infant in the back half of the stroller (in the infant car seat) and then have my toddler sitting in the front seat. Or, I could put my infant in the front half of the stroller (still in the infant seat) and have my toddler standing in the back half (getting a very exciting "ride") or sitting on the small bench seat in the back. There was still plenty of storage space available for diaper bags, purse, coats and more under the seat. The seat is easy to collapse and store in the car or take with you through an airport and gate check. I also like that the seats are not side-by-side so that I could easily walk down aisles or through clothing departments of stores where some double strollers do not fit. The only downfall I had with this stroller is the cup holders did not always fit my coffee travel mug or water bottle.

The best stroller ever!! My daughters are 4 years apart and this stroller was perfect for our needs!! My older daughter was able to hop on all by herself when she needed a break from walking. It was easy to fold up and didn't take up any more space than a traditional double stroller. Very sturdy and well made. When we were through using it....the stroller was passed on to a friend in a similar situation!!

I got this stroller to take the kids to thezoo, it was nice and easy to push but my older child complained that she wanted to sit too, the "bench" in the back was too had to sit for a long time.

Even though it's large, the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Stroller is a great stroller. I have taken this everywhere with my kids, and it has been a life saver. My older kids like the option to sit or stand in the back, and I can put the baby carrier in the front. I've had this stroller for three years now, and I think it's one of the best baby gear purchases I have ever made.

Very bulky, takes up the entire back of my suv. Doesn't steer well at all, horrible in crowds. With two kids I also need the basket underneath to put stuff, well the basket isn't easy to get to and you have to jam stuff into it. Does the job just needs some upgrades. Love that there is a lot of options as far as seating arrangements.

Like it but it seem abit long when pushing and trying to get through the places at the mall but it does the job!

I bought this product for my second child. It was decent. It did what I wanted to and wasnt crazy big. It drove smoothly for being a twin stroller. I didnt like the shortness of the height on the back of the seats. For taller toddlers, this just might not work well.

Looking at this type of stroller for my son and daughter in law who have a 2 yr old and expecting their 2nd baby. I was wondering if anyone has had the sit and stand that has the "second seat" that can be removed to the traditional sit n stand?? It states it is great for long trips when they may fall Disney World.

I was looking for a double stroller and found this one. It was a great price and when we tried it out in the store, It seemed perfect.. But within a 9 month it had started falling apart. The back wheels became super wobbly.. the seams on the front seat had started coming apart.. I wish I had gotten a double jogging stroller instead

I love it! I got it when I had a newborn and a 2.5 year old. It's perfect for the child that wants to walk but can't make it long distances! I would recommend to anyone!

I have had my sit and stand since 2004 when my 2nd child was born. It has been a life saver! As my family grew my sit & stand held up and was a great way to keep 3 kids together while out and about. My kids are very close in age (6,4 &3) I last used my sit & stand this winter on a trip to the aquarium; it still did the trick. I hate to say that it is now time to move on from the sit & stand:( I would & do recommend this stroller to anyone that has 2 or more kids. I did only give it 4 stars but this is due to the fact that it is a large stroller and can be hard to get into your trunk. You may have to take off the child's try to get it in a trunk.

every one should have one of these. its a must have. love this stroller. its the best.