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  • abbyelisabeth5 By  abbyelisabeth5    

    Life Saver

    This thing is a lifesaver! I have twins plus 3 more and I honestly don't know how I'd go anywhere without it.

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  • durreadan By  durreadan    


    i love this stroller i just hate that sometimes i cant fit through some doors. apart from that it is amazing for kids at a similar age or twins. i would reccomend this.

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  • corinnesafille By  corinnesafille    

    Heavy and difficult to maneuver.

    I had this item for several years but it was truly a pain. I had a lot of difficulties maneuvering around and sometimes it was hard to fit through single doors. I especially dislike the weight of this stroller. Trying to carry it into the hatch of a van was not an easy task, especially after a C-section.

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  • sheral324 By  sheral324    

    my kids are so close in age that before buying this i didnt know which one to pay attention to first when they would get whinny one didnt want to walk and the other couldn't and so we got our boys a double jogging stroller were mom could talk to both at the same timeand now that they are both at that age where the rules are the same and they know they can get in trouble this stroller has come in handy . i love that i have full control and i can keep the sun off of them if i need to but let it in when they want it its so easy i love taking the boys for a walk now and the big plus is they like it so much they are asleep by the time i get home!

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  • bentz1234 By  bentz1234    

    I currently use this stroller for my 20 month old and my newborn. I use it for walks and shopping. It does have difficulty through normal doors but it can fit with some help. The doctors office is the only place cannot fit in.

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  • AlmostSAHMommy By  AlmostSAHMommy    

    Do not buy this stroller! Not only does it not fit through a standard door which is a hassle, it broke in the first 2 days! I have a really heavy young kid so I thought this would be great....not so much. The plastic tray attachment clip broke off the stroller on day 2 and on day 3 the bearings went out in one of the swivel wheels. Needless to say we returned it and got something else entirely. Stay away from this one folks!

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  • March07baby By  March07baby    

    I bought this back in May of 2010. I love to walk and my Phil and Teds Sport just wasn't the right stroller for that.So I began searching for a stroller. This has so many wonderful features! It has a snack tray for both seats, the seats can recline, the hoods are adjustable, it can also snap in two car seats (though i never tried this due to my kids were already toddlers). The parents tray has 2 cup holders and a center enclosed spot and it has speakers so you can hook up your ipod, and you also have 2 baskets one under each seat. It moves so well, way better than any other jogger I tried with my 2 kids (they are about 30 lbs each). The biggest thing i do not like about it is the width of the stroller. It won't fit through a normal door! It makes it very hard to use it for anything else but walking outside in the open. Over all i do love this product but i can't use it as much as i would like to.

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