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  • Jasmarie89 By  Jasmarie89    

    I have the blue one. Literally traps the smell in and can hold soooo many diapers. One of the greatest things is that you can use regular trash bags

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    It safed my house from the stinky smell from my two little guys diapers!

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  • clong1231 By  clong1231    

    I purchased this diaper pale because a friend recomended it. I really like the Baby Trend Diaper Champ. It does not smell and it easy to use. I really like how you can use normal trash bags or plastic bags in side of it. This saves ALOT of money since the fancy Diaper Genie plastic bags. My only complaint is sometimes the handle bar pops out, but it is easily put back in place.

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  • theprincessr By  theprincessr    

    Got this at my shower. I was really excited that it doesn't need special bags! This works great and there is no smell in my little princess's room!

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  • KClarke17 By  KClarke17    

    I love my diaper champ! I like that you have the option to use any bag, but I definitely prefer the odor control bags that are made for the diaper champ. I keep it right next to the changing table in the nursery, and I've never had a problem with smell!

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  • love4999 By  love4999    

    i like that you don't have to buy specialty bags! And like with all diaper pails, you need to change it a few times a week!

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  • kagsmom By  kagsmom    

    Loved this system. We never have a smelly nursery and it is a great design. i do have the Lysol handy when I change the bag just in case. I love that it uses regular trash bags and is so easy to use. Very easy to sanitize and keep clean.

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  • mkolenz By  mkolenz    

    we have this and LOVE it!!! the only thing that is bad is when you have to change the bag!!! Lysol comes in handy, so do scented bags!

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    This trash can is the best! So much easier to use than the diaper special bags are required and it keeps the smell in air tight! Highly recommend!

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  • Leahsmom07 By  Leahsmom07    

    We have had the Diaper Champ for 2 years and just the other day my husband was commenting that we rarely have a smelly nursery! It has a one-hand flip handle, so you don't have to open it up and let out the smells with each diaper change. Even better, it takes regular trash bags so you don' t have to buy the expensive re-fills exclusive to the product. They have a new model now, but I think it is probably just as good.

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