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  • Dawn1675 By  Dawn1675    

    Nice snack for my little to hold but it is messy. They crack into little pieces leaving a mess but my little guy loves them.

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  • AshleyMiller1988 By  AshleyMiller1988    


    These are great snacks for little hands. They do break easy though

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  • SamanthaHain By  SamanthaHain    

    My boys absolutely love these crackers. They?re big, so they?re easy for their little hands to hold. It just stinks when they crack in pieces when stored in your purse so when you open it the crumbs get everywhere.

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  • nahida1995 By  nahida1995    

    Daughter loved

    My daughter loved these when she was little. She would go through a box in no time. They are convenient. Although I noticed they crack easily in your bag so be careful storing them for on the go

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  • 9elevenzo By  9elevenzo    

    Mum mum

    I have twin daughter who are now 2yrs old and they have been eating these since they?ve gotten their first 2 teeth until now, THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, individually wrapped so that you can easily take them on the go as well

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  • Sashashep By  Sashashep    

    The babies love it but it's messy.

    The babies love these! Me? Not so gets everywhere! They bite it, lick it, suck on it...Gets on their hands, their clothes, the floor... It works as a distraction for a few minutes but you might regret it later.

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  • Mizsummers By  Mizsummers    

    Weird to me but she liked them.

    I expected more of a rice cake than this weird styrofoam looking thing but my baby enjoyed them and she never had an issue eating them.

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  • Oki2cali By  Oki2cali    

    My nephew loved these . These are convenient to have out in public places or at home when you?re trying to do something . They occupy the child and they love them

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  • emolie27 By  emolie27    

    Love these! Great for little mouths since they dissolve. I have one in my bag and car at all times. Great ingredients and yummy taste. Great for a quick snack for the parents also!

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  • Crunchymama09 By  Crunchymama09    

    Not worth the money.

    I found that these were mostly tasteless and none of my 3 children liked them. They aren't even really nutritious anyways. I w ouldnt recommend them.

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  • hetty1209 By  hetty1209    

    My son loves these! Definitely worth buying! They aren't messy. They are so easy for little fingers too hold! And they do help with teething! I highly recommend buying these for your little one.

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  • Amandadd88 By  Amandadd88    


    So good when baby is teething! Plus my older kids love them too!

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  • thevegasmom By  thevegasmom    

    Perfect for on the go

    These were a great snack to throw in my diaper bag while we were out. Especially when my little ones were too little for regular snacks.

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  • Claudia1991 By  Claudia1991    

    Babys first snack

    This has always been each my baby's first solid snack. They dissolve easily as soon as baby out in thei mouth. However, they also last a while, so baby is entertained for a while with them. Lol. We love the banana ones

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  • glamgen By  glamgen    

    Go to snack for the littles.

    This is the one snack ANY baby likes. Its the shape of a surfboard and it is easy to bite for babies with little to no teeth. Melts in the mouth. Best part aside from the great cost, they are individually packaged. That right there is a busy mom hack!

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