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  • Romariel By  Romariel    

    Smells good

    I sometimes use baby lotion. I like how it feels on my skin and the fact that it doesn't smell too strong.

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    Smells Amazing

    Smells amazing and is not too thin. I get his they have to make it thinner to be able to pump it out. Plus it is very convenient in a pump style. Skin stays moisturized and baby soft.

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Mmmm that delightfull scent!

    Baby Magic lotion is terrific for moisturizing and protecting your little one's skin, and it smells utterly delightful! It is never greasy, either.

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  • TellAllAmy By  TellAllAmy    

    Smells great and works wonders for baby's dry skin.

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  • LenaJo83 By  LenaJo83    

    baby magic lotion

    I love baby magic!! It?s the only lotion I have ever and will continue to use. The smell takes me back to a much simpler time of no worries. Would definitely recommend to other moms. You won?t be disappointed.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    this is the only lotion i used for my babies. the smell isnt too strong and it made their skin feel so soft.

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  • Michellelbaker By  Michellelbaker    

    Great lotion

    Works great smooth easy to put on baby and adults. It works just as good as it did 23 years ago. Great product

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  • slehan By  slehan    

    Long time user

    I grew up with this lotion. They have been improving the ingredients.

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  • Sheserena By  Sheserena    

    This will never get old. My oldest child is 21 and I still use the same lotion to this day 4 kids later.

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  • Chassidyrose69 By  Chassidyrose69    

    No way jose

    This product is harmful. Bad ingredients. It may be affordable but it does more damage then good for children. It?s cheap and unfriendly to the skin and not good for chemicals.

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  • droberts78 By  droberts78    

    Love Baby Magic!

    This has got to be the best baby lotion ever! I love the scent and it leaves my son's skin feeling so soft. I've used this on all three of my kids. I've always loved the Baby Magic products.

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  • amandan95 By  amandan95    

    This baby lotion is great for extremely sensitive skin. Compared to other brands I have tried, this is pretty much the only baby lotion I can use and not have irritation. Another great plus, it's a great makeup remover.

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  • MamaBear2016 By  MamaBear2016    

    Not my cup of tea

    I did not like very much because it seemed a bit thicker than normal lotion and it wouldn't make him feel smooth, if anything it seemed to dry out his skin faster. I wouldn't want something that would require me to put lotion on my child multiple times a day, also the fragrance wouldn't last very long.

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  • Shansuzi24 By  Shansuzi24    

    This baby lotion was very good. The smell was very light and wasn't too over powering. The color is light pink and disappeared when applied to baby/child's skin. This baby lotion is comparable to others and the price was less. I would recommend this product to others and will be giving as a gift at a baby shower in future.

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  • MomCandy By  MomCandy    

    i have used this product a while back, on my first daughter. i just remember it being really watery...didn't think it was that great.

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