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  • croggy By  croggy    

    I love all baby einstein videos and products. my daughter loves this one.

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  • jshallow01 By  jshallow01    

    Both my kids loved this program! Honestly, they have loved every Baby Einstein show. They are great DVDs.

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  • babydot By  babydot    

    My kids LOVE Baby Einstein. We have the whole series plus the more recent DVDs and I thought my 3.5 year old todder had gotten sick and tired of watching Baby Einstein. We started showing my 8-month old these videos and he loves them, too. Big brother will actually wake up from a nap to watch Baby Einstein with his baby brother. The music is great and they're very educational.

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  • hjropp By  hjropp    

    My son loves them, they are great for little learners. I agree that they might not last past the age of 2.

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  • bluesky122 By  bluesky122    

    My child loves this. She is starting to talk and it is helping her so much.

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  • w2005blc By  w2005blc    

    My kids loved this video. It's really great if you've been working on teaching them sign language. It reinforces a lot of signs that we were learning. It's also fun for them to watch.

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  • mykidsfirst By  mykidsfirst    

    I own several Baby Einstein DVD's including this one. Both of my kids 3 & 1, love watching them. They have watched them from about 6 mos of age. They are great for long car rides.

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  • HappyMamaP By  HappyMamaP    

    My kids loves this DVD I just recommended it to a friend today!

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  • bennettsmom By  bennettsmom    

    Great dvd my so loves them.

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