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  • mutrie By  mutrie    

    I love it❤, making my baby's food other than buying it is really great !!👌

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  • So_adktve By  So_adktve    


    My son is starting pureed foods and i LOVE this, my mom gifted it to me. It's perfect, the little individual cups actually have dates at the top and you turn the top to indicate which date the food was made, so there's no guessing. Everything cleans up easily and it's nice and compact.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    A must!

    This was so easy to use! I loved using it to make my child homemade baby food. So easy to store also!

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  • xxyyzz88 By  xxyyzz88    

    Handy and Useful

    What a neat little blender. And so handy too for lots of uses!

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  • Melroxy14 By  Melroxy14    

    Worth it!

    I bought mine off of FB marketplace used. Best money I ever spent. I'm on kid #2 and the blender works great 100% of the time. SO nice knowing what is going in my baby's food!

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  • livinwithlittles5 By  livinwithlittles5    

    Baby food made easy and with love

    This makes homemade baby food a breeze! I absolutely love making my own baby food and these set gives you everything you need. The storage cups are the cutest and easiest way to store in freezer or refrigerator. The date dial really helps too.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    If your are a new mom, you need this!

    When you are having a baby this baby bullet is a must have! This is also a must gave gift for moms to be!

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  • Sarahtaylor126 By  Sarahtaylor126    


    This is the best thing ever if you want to make your own baby food!! You know what's in it and it's super easy and it comes with recipes!!

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  • HunniCasey By  HunniCasey    

    Using this as my own now

    Tbh I use this for EVERYTHING! For a baby food blender it's surprisingly better than my husband's expensive one. I can grind coffee grounds (wash it of course) then bring oatmeal, etc. It lasts FOREVER

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  • DestinySpeaking96 By  DestinySpeaking96    

    I got this when I was pregnant with my daughter, along with the steamer and extra storage containers and love it all! It makes it much easier to make baby food in bulk and freeze until it is needed. Personally, my baby loves homemade applesauce and steamed carrots. There are a lot of pieces, but well worth it in the long run if you are wanting something healthy and homemade for your little one. I used this even after my daughter stopped baby food.

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  • Mcotten33 By  Mcotten33    

    I?m now on my second baby 4 years later and my baby bullet still works just as great! I make breakfast lunch and dinner with it daily and the little storage containers are the perfect size. They have a little sliding dial so you can remember how many days it?s been in. So easy to clean. So cute to leave out on the counter. I buy this for every new mom!

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  • Sa60237 By  Sa60237    

    great product! makes making baby food a breeze. love the containers it comes with to keep it all fresh.

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  • jesshenges By  jesshenges    

    Baby bullet review

    We love our baby bullet! It makes preparing my baby?s food so much easier. Just make sure that you blend it enough so there are no chunks of food.

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  • doritie By  doritie    

    Make sure this is on your registry!

    This ended up being one of our must-have-can't-live-without items. I blended the heck out of the food I made for my baby in the Baby Bullet, and it was a breeze. Easy to manage (not huge and bulky) and super easy to clean. The freezer tray was perfect and the little containers were the perfect serving size. I really recommend this product.

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  • BoyMommyX2 By  BoyMommyX2    

    Ehhhh... better off with a food processor

    I get it, you want to commit to making home made baby food for your little one. I used mine a lot but the blades went dull pretty fast. It also started leaking out into the base even when I closed it up tightly, which got really gross after awhile. Eventually it burnt out. I threw it away and brought a food processor instead. No problems with that!

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