Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

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Miss using this We loved using this product with both of our girls. They were so comfortable in them, they would fall asleep. They even just laid their heads on mine and my husband's chest. When they were old enough, we would wear our girls facing forward, and they both had the hugest smiles, laughing, and eyes wide while they looked around. Like my title says, I miss using this. I miss my girls being babies.

Didn't feel comfortable wearing it, it was stiff and didn't feel it fit my body type as much as I thought it would.

Trusted brand Thi sis so well constructed and well designed for mom and baby.

Great fit It fits so perfectly really great job with this I recconemtn

Highly recommend!!!! : ) The baby carrier is very comfortable on your back, and my daughter always fell asleep while in the carrier. I loved it!!! Highly recommend this carrier to any parent.

Great back support and security. I tried many types of baby carriers and this is the only one that I felt that the baby was secure in and it gave me great support for my back.

Love, love love! So easy to use and very comfortable for parent and baby. I have a wrap as well, but I usually use this for quick trips to the store because of how convenient and easy it is to put on. Baby loves it and falls asleep immediately. I've used this on both of my kiddos and it still looks brand new. It's fantastic quality and holds up! Great price point!

We started out carrying our first baby in this carrier. It hurt his hips, because the legs were not supported. There are other carriers out there, that support the baby and are also comfortable to wear for the parent. I would recommend a baby carrier like Ergo or Tula or a wrap.

Money Worth product This is by far the most worth $150 we have spend on our baby product. It is very comfortable to use use as a front and back carrier

Comfortable but an investment. I liked holding my daughter in the Baby Bjorn, she was comfortable and likewise it was comfortable for me too. The only drawback was that she grew so fast she didn't fit it quickly, so I think it's a bit expensive per usage. Wish I got more use out of ours.

No good for mama or baby This carrier is not ergonomic or safe for baby hip development. There are many straps and it is somewhat complicated. I did not find there to be enough support on my shoulders or back. It is nice however if you are sharing the carrier with someone of a different size since it adjusts quite easily

Hands Down My Favorite Baby Item I created such amazing memories with my babies when they were young by safely transporting them against my chest in my Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier. Hands-free allowed me to shop with ease. Hands down my favorite baby item.

Use all the time I love this carrier. It's so easy to use and to put on. Whenever I am out I put baby in the carrier so I can use both my hands.

Must have I love my BabyBjorn! I love that the baby can face frontwards but I do wish there was a napping hood for sleeping.

I did not really care for this baby carrier; however, my husband loved it. Personally, I thought it had way too many cords and straps in comparison to the Bjorn baby carrier.