Baby Balboa Adjustable Sling

Baby Balboa Adjustable Sling

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Hmmm. I can see this becoming something bad for the child especially with parents who get easily distracted , I have never used it but I know for me I wouldn't want to try this it looks like the baby is inside of a pouch like a kangaroo yeah its not that appealing to me. Sorry.

Lovingly known as the bag of death. Baby needs to be upright, not laying inside with its chin on its chest. Consider something else please!

Easy to use...incorrectly. The problem with pouch slings is that they are VERY easy to use impoperly and dangerously. I always kind've relate them to car seats.. When used properly they can be the best thing ever, when not, they can be horribly dangerous. The biggest risk here is when you've got an itty bitty one in cradle position. If that baby is in too deep, or seated too low on your body, it's very easy for them to curl into C positon. Their little chin curls up towards their chest and cuts off their airway leading to suffocation. The reason that I think this pouch sling is more dangerous than say,a hotsling, is because the pouch is cut much deeper than the latter. It's a whole lot easier to end up in a less safe place.

I loved this.. Easy to use. I used this all the time everywhere I went. It even works well with big babies my baby boy was born 9 lbs 10ozs. He fit well in it and it was not hard on my shoulders at all very easy to use.. He loved that he was so close to me all the time he liked it so much every time I put him in it he would fall asleep. And It also grows with the baby which allows you to still carry your baby even when they are able to sit up.. great product. very comfortable and very cute as well.. their is a little pocket on the side where I would keep his paci..

This sling was amazing. Very easy for me to use and my baby loved it. I used this everywhere I went. It is very comfortable, works with young and older babies. Easy to adjust. It didn't take a lot of time to get baby comfortable.