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  • Author image By Vickyj85
    10.30.16   Edit

    Looks awesome

  • Author image By heavenglitter
    10.21.13   Edit

    I have to try this it looks so yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Author image By katniels2no1
    10.30.12   Edit

    Sounds like our THanksgiving group would love this one! Will be trying it and expect rave reviews there.

  • Author image By mommamac
    10.29.12   Edit

    I cook for my son and 3 ofhis friends on Thursdays and I am always looking for something new to try. This sounds very good so will give it a try.

  • Author image By lynnempow
    10.27.12   Edit

    Great recipe, love the combination of squash & cheddar.

  • Author image By abramlage
    10.27.12   Edit

    Looks like an amazing dish for our family. We have an odd household that consists of three carnivores, a vegetarian, and a vegan. I can alter this recipe as needed when fixing it for anyone that wants it :)

  • Author image By TammyK
    10.27.12   Edit

    Looks great! Will definely make it. I just wish you would give the nutritional information. :)

  • Author image By princesa4778
    10.27.12   Edit

    Looks and sounds delicious. I am going to make a practice one so I can see if it would be good for Thanksgiving!

  • Author image By heavensrain
    10.25.12   Edit

    This dish looks like it would be delicious.

  • Author image By DPARTLOW
    10.24.12   Edit

    this is not traditional at all. there wer no leftovers and i just couldnt believe it!!

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