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BOB Revolution Stroller

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Baby approves too! Now we go the scenic route Not only is my son safe and riding in style, it really is a smooth ride and gives mama peace of mind knowing baby is content and comfortable!

#1 Stroller I've tried SEVERAL strollers and this is literally the best stroller I've owned! Amazingly smooth ride that's perfect for all terrains. I love that any car seat can be adapted to it too.

LOVE MY BOB!! I have had my BOB for over 3 years and its still like new! My kids both have used it and its rolls over any type of ground without any effort. Only drawback is that I did not like using it when my boys were little, I had to wait until they were 4-6months to feel like they were safely strapped in.

Worth Every Penny! Before I had a kid, I never would have thought about spending this much for a stroller. Then I had a baby and tried a BOB out. They are worth every penny. It's smooth for you and the baby. I feel bad when I see people with their other strollers because they don't know what they are missing out on!! I recommend them to anyone having a baby, planning on going anywhere needing a stroller!

Favorite stroller This has been by far my favorite stroller I've ever owned. It folds easily, stores easily, perfect for the beach, reclines pretty far for those sleeping babes, bouncy, rides so smooth. I love love love love this stroller. If I hadn't of had twins this go around, I would still have this stroller. It's just the best.

This is the best stroller for exercise! This is the best stroller for exercise! While I wouldn't use our bob to run errands or for travel, the bob is what we use every day for taking walks around the neighborhood and any other outings where we need maximum maneuverability. The bob has excellent suspension and provides a very smooth ride for baby. Features I would like to see improved on future versions are the storage compartments. There is only a small compartment under the seat but that's ok since when I am exercising I don't take much with me. Also, the bob drink holder accessory often depresses the handbrake so they might want to rethink this design also.

We love our BOB. I was hesitant to purchase it but it helped inspire me to run again. My daughter is so calm in it while we go on walks and runs. It's easy to maneuver and so smooth to push. It is clunky to fold and heavier than most strollers, but it's worth it!

We have the BOB Revolution Duallie Jogging Stroller and I can honestly say it is worth every penny and more! We ordered ours online, there was a mixup in the delivery and they actually delivered a more expensive version but when I called to tell them about it the company took responsibility for their mistake and said the decision was up to us whether we wanted to exchange refrigerator for what we ordered originally or keep the one we received by accident. I wanted to exchange refrigerator though for the Revolution because it is one of if not the only side by side double strollers out there that fits through a standard size doorway and sidewalk. I have also taken my kids in very rugged off road terrain in their BOB without any problems and refrigerator handles like a pro! We frequent the sand, mud, and snow and I can't imagine trying to push any other stroller through any of these with the same ease. It's seriously the only way to go!

Simply the best for all terrain and multi purpose

We have the double version, and love it. Very stable, moves so smoothly on nearly any surface and glides along beautifully while jogging. I love how the canopies come down very low for the kids - unlike many others they actually do protect the kids from the sun! A bit cumbersome to pack into the car, but other than that a fantastic and durable stroller.

Both my husband and I run so we knew we wanted a good jogging stroller. The Bob Revolution is amazing. Smooth ride, not too heavy, and easy to fold up. My only slight complaint is it does take up a good bit of trunk room in our car. I also have the infant attachment. We started using this stroller for walks soon after birth and to jog when my son was about 3 months. The handling is great and I love that you can lock or unlock the front wheel. The sun-shield is also great since it is large until to protect my son during a light rain. I look forward to a few more years using this stroller and jogging with my son. Bob releases new strollers every year and I was able to get mine at a great price since it was an older model. Overall great purchase, worth every penny, and highly recommend.

Wow all I can say is I really wish I could afford this stroller, I borrowed my friends for the summer (she has two kids now) and it is absolutely amazing... if I had any sort of job right now I would have no problem shelling the money out for this. It is the easiest stroller to push around (and bumps in the road/terrain are absolutely no problem for this bad boy) It is easy to fold and unfold, and the quality is superior!

I know its an expensive stroller but I really think its worth every penny! We've been able to explore many trails, I've been able to take him on runs and lose the baby weight, and I think it folds up so quickly that I use it on my errands instead of an umbrella stroller. Couldn't recommend more!

I love Bob. it's so easy to maneuver on all surface. I also have most of all of its accessories. Majority of users have mentioned about the infant carrier adapter. I'm not going to waste anybody's time to repeat. For the cold and rainy day, the rain cover provides great coverage to keep warmth inside. its bright yellow provides great visibility in the rainy day. The summer day, the UV and mosquito cover protects baby skin from sun damage and insert bits. Bob is big enough and protects enough protection from other pedestrians. However, it is also Bob's disadvange. When it is folded into trunk in regular sedan, it is not much space left.

I have 3 year old twin boys and we knew from the start we did not want to have multiple strollers. After much research we decided on the Bob Revolution Duallie. We love it and have never been sorry it was our only stroller. It is easy to fold and unfold, and it fits anywhere a wheelchair fits. We have taken it on long walks, the beach, Disney World and to the mall. People do comment on how large it is but we fit 2 children and enough stuff to last all day. The stroller holds up to 100 pounds, 50 on each side, and since my kids are small for their age we will be using it until they no longer need a stroller at all. It pushes so easy, and it's so much easier to maneuver I don't think I could use another stroller now.