BIC Soleil Glow

BIC Soleil Glow

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Smooth as a babys bottom I love this. Pegs always feel silky smooth and less accidental cuts. Mine with refills has lasted me over a year!

Your in the right place in the right time I can't say enough about this product I was blown away by how easy it is to use no nicks or cuts works just like a men's razor they've outdone themselves with this product i would recommend it to all women especially if they like a super close shave it left my skin soft and clean

My go to razor Everyone loves a good shave and these go above and beyond my expectations great for anyone who shaves long lasting no nicks or cuts non slip handle makes shaving quicker and easier rinses clean what's not to love

Smooth Legs for Summer Thanks to @viewpointsreviews & @bicrazors I now have a new favorite razor! The @bicSoleil Balance Razor has already made my Summer way smoother! (pun intended) After trying it out for a few months, I could only find one Negative - The moisture bars melt quickly! I found plenty of Positives though: NO shaving cream needed, 5 flexible blades, moisture bars made w/ shea butter, the grip handle, & it has a great price. Plus, my legs are super smooth & my shower time has been cut in half!

My go too razors I love the BIC Soleil Glow line. All of them. They leave me silky smooth and they didn't cut my daughter up either when she first started shaving. These are my go too razors

These are great. The comfortable handle made handling easy. The blades slid over my skin perfectly. No nicks, no irritation. It's been 3 days and my legs are still smooth.

It was a nice close, smooth shave. I had no irritation, stubble, or cuts. They worked better than any other disposable razor I have tried. And they come in cute, pretty colors! I received this product for free for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Team Bic I am a proud fan of BIC razors! They are what I started out with and what I continue to use. I am always impressed with how well each razor they come out with has worked! Great quality, reliability, and durability! I love the pretty pastel colors they chose to use! The 3 blades glide over the skin leaving them silky smooth. And normally with a new razor I always cut myself, well not with these! Thanks for an amazing product! I recommend them to anyone wanting to get a close shave!

Love these razors ! The blades defnitley do the job and the colors are cute

Only type of razors I use. I always use shaving cream with them but if I ever happen to not have any. These razors are great with anything soap and even just water if you ever run ou of your products. They leave my skin nice and soft and hair free. That's a plus! Well worth the money.

(I received these razors for free from BIC via BzzAgent along with several coupons in exchange for my honest review! #GotItFree ) "Babe, this is the best shave I have EVER had!" Those are the words that came out of my mouth this past weekend as I shaved my legs! The razor was gliding so smoothly that I thought it wasn't working. I had to check and feel my legs! I am so used to feeling the razor skim across my skin that NOT feeling it was odd. After I shaved my legs, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth they were. Not a speck or stubble in sight! Out of all the razors I have ever used (Schick, store brands, Gillette, even other BIC razors), these have definitely been the best. I let my husband know that if they have a male version of these, he should definitely try them! My only complaint (which is not a full blown complaint) is that the head is somewhat large, so trying to get into any crevices proved to be difficult. When shaving my underarms, which are not a straight surface like legs can be, it was a bit impossible, so I had to stretch my skin to get a good shave. I loved the colors - pink, green, and purple, and loved the way they were designed. They were easy to hold and didn't slip out of my hand even though I had shaving cream and water working against me! I am very feminine and love all things that are such, so the curves and colors were appealing to my eye. Overall, after I am done with these, I plan to get more! I honestly could not see myself finding another set of razors that shave this well. Apart from the large head, I will gladly figure out a workaround for that! (Note: After shaving on Saturday, today, Wednesday, my legs are still smooth which is not the norm for me with other razors.)