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  • DocLorrie By  DocLorrie    

    My absolute favorite mascara ever...and I have tried them all. The unique brush is exceptional in allowing a clean and full application of mascara all in one fell swoop!

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  • MrsKarenGarcia By  MrsKarenGarcia    

    with 2 applications you get the perfect eyelashes. a big awesome wand and not a lot of fall outs, what else can you ask for

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  • licorice By  licorice    

    LOve this.

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  • AnnePod By  AnnePod    

    Love Love Love! This has now become my regular mascara. The want has nice and firm bristles that help separate lashes and the mascara itself extends your lashes just like it is reported to do. No need to use multiple mascaras or lash curlers anymore! Doesn't flake off either. I've saved one of the wands from an empty bottle in fear Avon may discontinue this mascara in the future!

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  • PrettyIcePrincess By  PrettyIcePrincess    

    This is the only mascara I use since I discovered how it makes my lashes to actually appear like magic! My lashes get so big, thick and black, I would not change it for anything. 3 coats and my lashes get many compliments all day.

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  • nadinenreyes By  nadinenreyes    

    I get compliments on my lashes like all the time! Like it's exactly what it's named on the mascara. Thank you, Avon!

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  • lovelyy_tiff By  lovelyy_tiff    

    I absoulutely love AVON makeup!! This mascara is my all time favorite!! Great Product

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  • Beachgirl714 By  Beachgirl714    

    i didnt like this product maDE my eyes get really irratated...

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  • amandaellen By  amandaellen    

    its just ok. the super shock max is waaay better. in my opinion. it has a big impressive brush but the formula doesnt give me much volume or length.its definitely not terrible, but if you are looking for big ,bold fringe than this isnt it. they do however, have one from mark. its called lash all you want and it is fantastic.

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  • mindykay76 By  mindykay76    

    I love the way it makes my lashes look but it does get a little clumpy.

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  • michelleq78 By  michelleq78    

    I love this product!!! It is so awesome I love the way it leaves my eyelashes. I am a mascara person when a new mascara comes out I have to buy it just to try it.. I have found a couple good mascaras out there but this is one of the best I have bought. I would defenetly recommend this product...

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  • anjelikapickles By  anjelikapickles    

    Hated the brush. dried way to quickly and i didnt like the flakes it left for me. Maybe i received an old mascara or something because the mascara was one of the worse buys EVER!!! i will not rebuy and not RECOMMEND to anyone!

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  • dawng40 By  dawng40    

    I love this product. It lengthens, really glam in black, no need to curl lashes. Really brightens up the eyes. Reasonably priced too.

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  • jenni0127 By  jenni0127    

    I liked it a lot. I got the waterproof, because I wear contacts. The brush is kind of big for me, but it really coats and lengthens. I also got it on sale from Avon.com.

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  • danief By  danief    

    I have been selling Avon for almost 7 years and have tried every mascara they have. All of there mascara works really well, but the supershock is AWESOME! The brush is large and covered in short bristles, this helps get full coverage wtihout lots of clumping. It makes your lashes look full and long. Love it!

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