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  • Coralee13 By  Coralee13    

    The skin on my hands got so dry this winter, and this was the only thing that helped.

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  • FleurDeLiz89 By  FleurDeLiz89    

    Makes my hands super soft, Its quite thick but it works very well.

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  • amandaellen By  amandaellen    

    this is the all time best! its the only cream that really makes my feet super soft. unfortunitely, it is no longer available:(

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  • sandyc42 By  sandyc42    

    My hands split open and get real sore. This product heals it right up awesome

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  • melsmayhem By  melsmayhem    

    It has been a rough winter on my hands so I decided Santa needed to get these for stocking stuffers for me and other family members. It is very thick; avoid dishes and other handling right after putting it on. But it works very well and doesn't feel too greasy. My hands already look and feel better in just 2 days.

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