Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil Spray

Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil Spray

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takes me back to my tweens. big sis sold avon. really made my skin feel sift before i out on my leggs pantyhose and 70s minisress

This is a trusted product. It's been around fot for years my mama use to use it. I love this product

makes your skin feel so smooth I love everything in this product line. It smells great and really does soften your skin.

Skin So Soft. This is an amazing product, keeps bugs away and has so many other great uses, after bath or shower can be used on pets if diluted to keep bugs and mosquitos off of them. I love this stuff.

I am a camper and there is nothing as good as what Skin So Soft does to help fight mosquitos. It has a great smell and helps on dry skin also.

Leaves skin soft w/o being gready This classic product is still as effective as it has always been. It smells soft and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated, without leaving it greasy. The Original is an extremely effective mosquito repellant ~ even in Florida where mosquitoes can almost carry you away in the summer time! I love that it is much safer than many traditional bug sprays.

Smell Great While Repelling Mosquitos This is the best smelling, quickly aborbing oil that also will repel mosquitos (much healthier than bug sprays with deet) for two hours. You have to buy the old original version in the white bottle with the big drop on it becasue that is the only one with jojoba and the only one that will reel mosquitos (and ticks). And seriously - it smells great!