Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Expedition SPF 30 Aerosol Spray

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Expedition SPF 30 Aerosol Spray

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Been Using this for YEARS As an AVON REP I've been using this for years. My sons are active and use this and the Sunscreen with bug repellent daily. I am very allergic to skin care items, and this is safe enough to use on a baby, so I highly recommend .

Thank you Avon! I use no other big spray! I love in a rural area on the river, during the spring the gnats can be intrusive and the summer the green heads. For 30 yrs I have tried them all and this is the only spray to keep the bugs at bay. A must have, Avon generally has sales in the spring where you can buy 3 for a very reasonable price

Works great This is a great bug spray. I have been using it for a few summer's and I find that it works better than Cutters and Off. The scent isn't too off putting either.

I hate these florida bugs! Avon has always been my go to for bug repellant. Its harder now adays to find an avon rep but when i do i buy um up!! Theyre pleasant smelling and very successful!

Avon did so well when they came out with skin so soft so many years ago (way before I was born I am sure), my grandmother swore by the stuff, and now that it contains SPF I do too. I love this product and use it on my children, just as my parents and grandparents did on me!

This is a safe product to use to repel insects. It is the only one I use--other than eating lots of garlic. Other products contain nerve damaging chemicals.

Best bug repellant ever!

I swear by this stuff! I have been using this for years and can't find anything better for the price and effectiveness, plus its DEET free. I go camping probably 20 weekends out of the year, I'm an avid hiker and kayaker, so I'm always outside. I will not leave home without it. I didn't check my bags and ended up running out on a camping trip this summer and had to resort to a store brand which was awful, didn't do the job and left a stinky sticky film on my skin and clothes. I spray this stuff on everything, even my tents once they're set up. I have never had any type of allergic reaction to this spray, nor anyone I let use it.

My sister is a bugs feast so she insisted that i order some bug spray for her since i was once a rep. She loved the product and now has one in every purse she owns. That says a lot because she owns many purses!

This product dosen't work at all. It didn't keep the mosquitos away.

i have to wear this id say it dosen taste good but it works great when im camping i have to keep the bugs off me because im allergic so yea this works great

Avon has a great product. We use this with both of my kids year round. My oldest carries a bottle in her softball bag, because you never know about bugs on the softball field and she always needs sunscreen. And my youngest can not use anything with Deet. My mom was diagnosised with and had surgery for Breast Cancer. Her doctor told her not to use and bug spray contaning Deet, but we got him to ok for her to use this one.

I love Avon Bug spray. Mosquitos LOVE me unfortunately. Since I'm diabetic I've noticed mosquito bites take forever to heal. My parents live in the mountains and those things are everywhere. I bought this before i went up there. Works perfectly. I had no bites at all. The one thing i like about this product it doesn't contain deet. I'm lazy and don't want to shower in the middle of the night so i had no issue leaving this on til morning when i do shower. great product

This stuff works! Mosquitoes seem to love me and my son so I have to keep bug guard in stock in the summer. One day we went fishing and I sprayed it on my hands to rub on my son and I rubbed the excess off my hands wiping down my legs. I wanted to get some sun on my pale legs, later that evening someone pointed out my legs. They got sunburned except the finger streaks where I rubbed off the SPF bug guard lol, was embarrassing but it proved how well the product worked! A+

Great combination of bug spray and sunscreen!