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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Love It

    Removes makeup easily and quickly! My skin felt moisturized after using! There was no irritation or redness!

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    Gets the job done nicely. You can find it on sale often on Avon.

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  • DocLorrie By  DocLorrie    

    Very please with the way this product works. It is not greasy at all and does a very effective job at removing all of the messy mascara that I leave in the mornings. Happy when it goes on sale for .99 cents as well...time to stock up then

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  • princessmochi By  princessmochi    

    I have tried tons of makeup remover, and this is I always use. It is not too oily and leaves your skin light with not much of the product on. it removes makeup right away without scrubbing it hard compare to other product. The bottle I have last long and its very affordable.

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  • devillalee By  devillalee    

    This is a good eye makeup remover, and since it's an eye makeup remover lotion it's really good for my dry skin. For myself to use, I like to get a warm/hot wet washcloth and get my face wet first and then spread the product around over my whole face and wash my face this way making sure to get around my eyes where I have usually been wearing full eyeshadow/eyeliner on top and bottom of my eyes. A great thing about this product from Avon is that it has never irritated my eyes-it's always been gentle and never burns or stings. With that said it does a decent job, but it usually can't get every last trace of my eye makeup off. I do go over it with a q-tip after I am done washing just to get some of the remaining makeup traces that are left behind. I like this eye makeup remover lotion, it's just not my number 1 choice anymore but it is still my second choice and I do still use this product a lot!

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  • misskatmama By  misskatmama    

    I just ordered a new bottle last week. I have very sensitive eyes so I have to make sure I remove any eye makeup before bed. If I don't, I have irritated eyes the next day. This works great and very inexpensive. Lasts so long I rarely finish before getting a new one. I keep a bottle in my desk at work for removing black marker stains from my desk. It is amazing.

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  • MommyD784 By  MommyD784    

    Great makeup remover. Doesn't sting my eyes, which I have found many others do. It is also very affordable when it's on sale. I love the fact that it is not oily like other eye makeup removers- it is a lotion, which is nice since I hate anything greasy feeling on my face.

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  • IDJmomofthree By  IDJmomofthree    

    Dont like this at all, it is way to watery did not remove any mascara just made a smear and got into my eyes . I will stick to my old fashioned ponds cold cream & vaseline to remove my eye makeup

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  • TingsMom By  TingsMom    

    This is by far the best eye makeup remover on the market. I rub it on, massage it in for a few moments, and then wash my face like normal. Every trace of my eye makeup is removed. Other brands always leave at least a little liner on my bottom lash, but not this one. It also has great moisturizing benefits, so my eyes don't feel dry and tight after I wash my face. This is the only eye makeup remover I will use now. Every time Avon puts it on sale I purchase several bottles!

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  • diane91653 By  diane91653    

    I love this .Its so inexpensive. You cannot beat the product. You can get it on sale easily for 1.99!

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  • umana22 By  umana22    

    this product works great but on the otherhand regular face or body lotion works just as well to take makeup off

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  • Lizmc531 By  Lizmc531    

    My mother introduced me to this eye makeup remover ages ago and its the only eye makeup remover that i swear by! You put a little on some toilet paper and all of your eyeliner, mascara and anything else around the eyes comes right off! This even easily removes waterproof mascara. It may be a little bit more expensive then what you would want to spend but its worth it and the product does go on sale and when its on sale I'll buy 12 bottles at a time to split with my mother because we both love it so much.

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