Avon In a Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets

Avon In a Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets

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NOt really sure how to use this one yet,

I found that this is a great product to bring with me when I'm traveling somewhere so I'm not packing around a whole bunch of makeup. It doesn't go on how you see it happening in your mind. It does rub on, but everybody's eye shape is different so its not going to look exactly like it does on the sheets. I've found it best to do the rub on but bring a shadow brush with you to help get everything in the right place.

Just blah. Im so disappointed that these didnt work well. They are very hard to work with

I wanted to try these ever since they came out, back when I was selling Avon. I finally broke down and tried them a few weeks ago and was totally let down. First off, very difficult to apply properly. The sheet did not fit my eye right so the colors weren't in the proper place. I used a eye primer and yet there very minimal pigmentation and also there was way too much glitter in the shadow and it got all over my face and it wasn't easy to get off. Overall, they aren't worth the money, which is surprising because Avon usually has great quality.

Being a former Avon Representative for over 6 years, I've tried almose every makeup, perfume, etc. Avon sold. And this is one of the worst items they ever sold. If you don't have a average size face, I have a small face, you end up with eyeshadow where it shouldn't be and its very hard to apply to any face. The mask is very hard to like up and its very hard to apple. Avon no longer sells this for a very good reason. It doesn't work !

What a waste of money. Do they really think I'm stupid enough to buy this.

I have tried these and they are difficult and do not really apply nicely. I do want to try to use them with a primer so I will try and write another review.

The idea of this is great, the thought of actually being able to have proffessional looking makeup really turned me onto it. I bought two different colors and only tried them a few times because they are so hard to apply and you still have to blend them once they're on. They are WAY more hassle than they are worth for me.

I thought this product is really difficult to put on. I had to push really hard on my eyelids and it was kind of uncomfortable. The time I wasted trying to put this on I could have done the same in way less time!

I thought this was a bit of a pain to put on. If it was easier , I would like it. The colors are nice though.

I love Avon.When i was living in Yugoslavia i was buying all the time Avon products.

this product is ok but i rather just put on eyeshadow myself

This product is difficult to put on. It's a sheet with eyeshadow that you press on for an instant look. It took me awhile to get the eyeshadow to actually show up on my eyelid. Then it took more time to get the makeup to look decent. Also finding the proper angle to place it on the eye is a difficult task. It's way to much of a hassle. I could have probably achieved the same look in less time.