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  • greeneye1 By  greeneye1    

    Very lady like smell soft and relaxing made me feel refreshed and also spray my bedsheets

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  • nadinenreyes By  nadinenreyes    

    I get compliments all the time that I smell good! It's sooo refreshing like passing by a bush with jasmins. I recommend the set!

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  • nunyabiznis7 By  nunyabiznis7    

    This is one of my favorites! Smells like honeysuckles or something..it's wonderful!

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  • KateLew By  KateLew    

    I can't wear a LOT of perfumes but this one is wonderful. Light, clean, floral smells that don't cause my nose to panic! I love the body wash and lotion that are also available....but nothing beats this perfume. Romantic. I just love it!

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  • wolfemoore4903 By  wolfemoore4903    

    Smells good and lasts a long time. It has a very floral scent to it.

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  • GoldenDelicious By  GoldenDelicious    

    It's very feminine and intriguing without being overbearing. The perfect amount of elegance and femininity.

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  • mommy5 By  mommy5    

    I smells wondeful, I am a very picky individual and I lov this smell. It last all day too! I order alot of Avon from her, She cuts me the best deal by going in whatever book necessary to get what I want, but this was my favorite item.

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