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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Avon Lip Moisturizer

    Been using this for years. Keeps lips soft and you cant beat the price.

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  • kathy067j By  kathy067j    

    I love my lips now They are kissable

    Best for my dry lips Now that I sell Avon I keep these in stock for the winter months and give them out to strangers https://kjodway.avonrepresentative.com/

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    I use to buy back in the day when they would go on sale. A decent chapstick for a good price....I really like the scent. These make great stocking stuffers.

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  • Bulldog0325 By  Bulldog0325    

    I sell Avon and this is one of the more popular items. It's been around for many, many years and is very popular with both men and women and kids. It has a great price and is very moisturizing to the lips. It doesn't have an overbearing smell either.

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  • dazlphoto By  dazlphoto    

    Not a huge fan. It feels perfumey and not something I would purchase again. I gave it to my daughter!

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  • suerelove By  suerelove    

    This lip balm is fair. It makes your lips feel moist, but only for a short time. The price is good and I would recommend if for children and teenagers.

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  • colbypetunia By  colbypetunia    

    Great price, nice hydration, and soft scent. Can't beat it!

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Great value for this product. Goes on smooth, leaves lips soft. And the scent is nice.

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  • bigbaby1 By  bigbaby1    

    Great price and it does keep your lips with moisture

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  • Addiewag724 By  Addiewag724    

    TERRIBLE product! Felt like I had a thick layer of wax on my lips

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    I've been using this for years and love the smell of it. My grandma was an Avon rep and we always had tons of this stuff sitting around. It is a bit annoying to have to order it, since if you run out of it you have to wait for more, but you can't beat the soft moisture you get from it!

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  • mslejean By  mslejean    

    Great stuff, though its been a while since I used Avon. My older cousin would always buy extras for me and my sisters. They help chapped lips, very moist, but not sticky. The smell is pleasnt too. If I were to get Avon again, I would grab a few of these.

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  • DiamondsOnMyWindshield By  DiamondsOnMyWindshield    

    I love this! It used to be my go-to lip balm when our neighbor sold Avon. I've bought other products since then but this gets me kind of nostalgic for it now.

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  • abandac By  abandac    

    i have purchased this product from avon for years. it is a great product and keeps my lips moist.

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    

    smell and taste are not attractive. does not heal my dry cracked lips, however does add a nice sheen.

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