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Avoid the #FallClothingOops: Four Chances to Win Our Kids Clothes Subscription Box Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.04.17
Avoid the #FallClothingOops: Four Chances to Win Our Kids Clothes Subscription Box Giveaway!
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Every mom has had it happen. It's the first cool day of fall so your child puts on an outfit that hasn't been worn since April. That's when you realize just how much she/he has grown this summer. His pants look like capris and her long-sleeve shirts don't cover her wrists. Oops!

But who has time to keep up with all the shopping - let alone the latest trends the kids will wear?

Read below for quick tips on preventing the #FallClothingOops. Plus, 4 chances to win a clothes subscription box giveaway from kidpik and a promo code for $10 off your first order!

Tip #1: Get creative

When clothes seem too small, they don't always have to go right into the donation pile. Add leggings under a dress that's too short and it becomes a cute, long shirt. Layer shorter shirts over longer ones to add a little color. Or save t-shirts that are just a little tight to wear under sweaters - it will make the knits less itchy without adding bulk.

Tip #2: Make clothes last longer

Are you guilty of throwing as many clothes as possible into the washing machine and then shoving it all in the dryer? Big mistake. Experts say that overloading the washing machine, especially with a mix of fabrics, makes them wear out easier. And the heat from the dryer can damage or shrink many materials - even if it's just a little bit, this shrinkage can be the difference between jeans fitting for one year versus two. Instead, hang your favorite clothes on the drying rack. Also, before washing, turn any graphic tees inside out to save them a little longer - unless your kids like that faded look, of course!

Tip #3: Have the clothes come to you

Skip shopping altogether by signing up for a clothes subscription box. It avoids stressful trips to the mall and keeps your child's wardrobe fresh all year long. The kidpik fashion box for girls is convenient and stylish. It has a fun style quiz to help figure out what type of fashion your daughter likes: Girly, Trendy, Classic, or Sporty. You pick the frequency of the mailing, there is no styling fee, and they deliver for free 2-3 outfits, including shoes, to your home. Voila! You can easily return anything your daughter does not like.

What's your tip for avoiding the #FallClothingOops? Enter our giveaway to win the following prizes:

  • Three winners will get a Fall kidpik box.
  • A grand prize winner will receive a kidpik seasonal subscription for one year (4 boxes)!
  • Bonus: Use the special promo code: shespeaks to get $10 off your first order (with min $30 spend)! Note: the code expires on October 18, 2017.

Avoid the #FallClothingOops

*Four lucky Tweeters or Instagrammers will be chosen at random to win. Three will get a back-to-school kidpik box, average price is $89, and a grand prize winner will receive a seasonal subscription for one year (4 boxes), valued at $356. Giveaway is open through October 18th, 2017 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

This is a sponsored post for kidpik.

Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winners: littlemisscase, helenlam, BlessedMama86 and our grand prize winner: betatester.

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  • Jenny391 By Jenny391

    I air dry all our clothing on drying racks. Clothing lasts for years that way.

  • Ashleigh3 By Ashleigh3

    I separate clothing by colors and whites and wash in cold water. I also separate by wash type, whether they need to be delicate, hand wash or regular. #fallclothingoops

  • BarbieGirl2016 By BarbieGirl2016

    I use woolite, draft, and the lingerie shampoo from Nordstroms. These keep my clothes nicer, longer. And no high heat on the dry...low to medium does the trick (whirlpool duets).

  • mrenda By mrenda

    I separate by colors>

  • Hywelda9 By Hywelda9

    If you learn how to sew - even doing the simplest - you will save a fortune, by being able to make your own adjustments, repairs, and alterations.

  • peaches0582 By peaches0582

    I separate colors :)

  • prothumia By prothumia

    We try on everything in the summer and plan ahead.

  • coquis81 By coquis81

    I always air dry dresses to make them stay prettier longer.

  • bhanuu By bhanuu

    My son's full pants turns into capris, capris into shorts, air dry makes them look fresh and new after many washes. I knwo little sewing, so my daughter's frill frocks are turned into skirts.. Clothes can not be recycled.. but can be reused.. my belief :)

  • emma0420 By emma0420

    Woolite and air dry!

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