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  • ziggy2418 By  ziggy2418    

    i love it !!!! it is such a great product

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  • Sculthorpe By  Sculthorpe    

    The Aveeno Essentials Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Due to melasma spots (brown pigmentation) on my face, I have to use a daily moisturizing lotion with an SPF of 30 or above. It's very important that I use SPF daily to keep the problem under control! I have tried many, many face lotions containing sunscreen, but none of them I was happy...that is until I FINALLY found this one. Other lotions containing sunscreen always caked to my face and applying makeup over top was a huge issue. I have zero problems with that when using Aveeno Essentials. It's wonderful and has truly been a life saver for me. I could not recommend this product enough!!! A little on the pricey side but absolutely worth every single penny!

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  • BriannaBrianna By  BriannaBrianna    

    I love all Aveeno products, they smell good and aren't to harsh on my sensitive skin. I like this line of products too since they are so much more better for your skin compared to other brands that are filled with chemicals. I'm glad these products don't smell like alcohol or have a chemical smell. They are light enough on my sensitive skin, but also do a good job exfoliating, moisturizing, and all that great stuff you'd expect. I will definitely be repurchasing these products.

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  • bluesubaru By  bluesubaru    

    I love the esential facial scrub. I use it everyday. it is perfect.

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  • bconnelly0001 By  bconnelly0001    

    I'm using the face wash and the night cream it's wonderful but I love all Aveeno products. I have combination skin and it works very well. I love the night cream I was afraid it would make my face oily and break out but it doesn't.

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    I have the Smart Essentials Scrub and it works pretty well. I like that the beads are big enough to actually feel like I'm scrubbing my face and not too small where I feel like they're barely there. It also felt pretty gentle and the smell wasn't too bad. It wasn't my favorite smell, but it was light enough to not bother me. It smooths out the skin pretty well and gives a nice fresh feeling after washing.

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  • greenteamom56 By  greenteamom56    

    I have just tried the new line of Smart Essentials by Aveeno. I have tried the facial wash and the day cream and love them both! They have a nice light citrus smell and work well for my sensitive skin. After washing my face with the facial wash by Aveeno i apply a serum (Roc) then give it a few minutes to dry then come back with the Aveeno face cream. I just love this product. It is light and smells nice. The added bonus for me is that it is afordable. I love how nicely the face cream helps my make-up go on so nicely. I have only been using theese products for a week and i do notice a nicer smoother looking tone. I got the best price on the Aveeno Smart Essentials at Ulta with my daughter last week. She is the one who passed on how nice this product was to me. Great product by Aveeno. Us girls love it!

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