Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

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Best for dry skin This is really my go to lotion for my skin dryness. Anytime of the year, it works well.

Best lotion hands down. I have extremely dry skin with eczema and this lotion helps keep me from having to use my prescription cream

I love love love Aveeno products. I honestly have never been disappointed with any thing from Aveeno. This lotion absorbs so well into my skin and I don't feel greasy afterwards.

This is my everyday skin moisturizer, though am not a big fan of the scent as it is fragrance free but it works amazingly! Relieving dryness and leaving my skin as soft as baby skin. It is very calming and suits my sensitive skin, I cannot get enough of this.

I have eczema and aveeno products especially this one really helps with the itching. I like how it doesn't a strong order, it's also now greasy. It's actually very soothing and I use it along other Aveeno products like there bodywash, body lotion and occasionally there oatmeal bath. Highly recommend

Hydrates my skin. Feels nice on my skin. I really like this product.

I love Aveeno! I have dry skin, and this product does a good job at moisturizing. I love that it's thick, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling too greasy. The only con I have with this product is that, being so thick, I use a lot, so I'd have to buy this product more often than others. Other than that, I give this product two thumbs up! 😊

I babysit often and use this on the children after baths and it doesn't leave a strong smell an there isn't any skin irritation from it. I use it as well and love how light it is.

A product I would count on. It is so moisturizing and hasn't irritated my eczema prone skin. Never had redness after using this product

I have extremely dry skin and this did nothing for me. My skin looks moisturized for a second and then it went right back to dry and flaking. I was very disappointed with this product. I would not recommend this product.

Makes your skin feel soft it's good for dry itchy skin it's not greasy feeling

I love this product :) I still got some and I use aveeno on my children especially that my son have Eczema

My son always had dry skin, and acne in his teens. He used this product regularly for years.

I love Aveeno. This product line is just great. It moisturizes your skin and locks in the moisture. I also used it on my daughter for her eczema, cleared her up in a week or 2 tops.

This lotion is HEAVEN! It keeps you moisturized and leaves you skin soft, NOT greasy! LUV!