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  • AllThoseThingsILove By  AllThoseThingsILove    

    Awhile back, I used a TravelZoo Spa deal I purchased back in January. (I tend to do that?buy a deal then wait for the last minute to redeem it.) The deal was at an Aveda Salon and although small, was really serene and cozy. During my facial, the technician and I chatted and eventually the subject of AllThoseThingsILove.com came up. I think she learned a few things about couponing and that I was very frugal! After the treatment, she gave me a glass of tea and led me to the lounge to relax. (I knew at this point, she was gathering up expensive items to try to sell me) To my surprise she remembered our conversation and rather than trying to sell me a $75 jar of moisturizer, she came back with this. Aveda Balancing Infusion ? botanical treatment for dry skin. She explained that all I had to do was add a few drops to whatever moisturizer I was using and it would work as a boost to increase its effectiveness. The price? A mere $21! Smart woman. She listened to her client and came back with an item at a price I would probably be willing to pay! And I love it. The oil is very lightweight and just a few drops blends perfectly with whatever drugstore variety moisturizer is close at hand (usually Olay). It?s made of Jasmine oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Patchouli oil, Shea butter extract, and Ylang ylang oil. The fragrance is wonderful and makes me feel like I just left the spa. I?ve had people stop me and ask what perfume I was wearing, when the only fragrant thing I had on was this and my moisturizer! I was given the dry skin formula, but they also make a version for sensitive skin. So, if you think your lotion needs a boost?you might consider trying Balancing Infusion by Aveda.


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