Aussie Moist 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Aussie Moist 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

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My hair can get a little dry especially in this summer heat and I love aussie! It keeps my hair healthy, shiny, soft and nice! Smells good also!

This two in one shampoo is great. It leaves your hair feeling so smooth. You dont need to much in order to wash your hair and feel it lather up. I also love it when my husband wants to cuddle because of the smell of my hair.

Aussie use to be my favorite brand but lately I feel like they have changed the formula because it smells different and it only works in my hair at the beginning and then eventually seems to make my hair worst and more dried out! Eventually I can't brush my hair anymore when it's wet when I use this product. I'd rather take the time to use a separate shampoo and conditioner than this 2-1!

Aussie always seems to nail it with their hair products. Awesome results for a great price

Smells SO good!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Smells great and leaves your hair feeling super soft! Also, it's very inexpensive!

Love all their products and the smell is on point. It's very rare if I use a different brand.

One of my favorite 2-in-1 shampoos! It actually feels like it's moisturizing my hair!

Smells great. Just takes a little.

I love this shampoo and everything else in this product line. I've been using it for many years. It works great on my very thick and curly hair. My whole family loves the feel and smell.

I could be the Aussie Spokeperson, I love all their products that much! This is our families go to shampoo. Even my hubby loves it. My all time favorite Aussie product is the 3 minute miracle. Use it in the shower, of if you are in a rush, squeeze just a bit in your palm, rub in to ends of hair then remainder down hair, voila no flyaways and your hands are soft too!

We love this product also. Perfect for my daughters curly hair.

I *heart* Aussie products! They don't leave my hair feeling dirty and heavy, but soft and happy. I've used Aussie every day for three years and have a TON of Matrix and Paul Mitchell product in my cabinet.

I LOVE aussie products!!!!!! my hair is extra sensitive to any product and after a while of using one brand my hair will get used to it any just dry out and get all tangled and have lots of knots. But no matter what, every time i use aussie brand shampoo or conditioners my hair feels great, looks great and is so smooth. it smells good and its like having a good hair day everyday. absolutely LOVE these products

Love aussie not satisfied with this one it doesnt seem to have conditioner in it even though it says 2 in one