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  • Crystalann314 By  Crystalann314    

    I love this hairspray. I've been using it for years. It holds my hair nicely and I don't mind the texture. It's super easy to apply and it smells great! Great price tag too!

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  • slawson20 By  slawson20    

    Aussie, by far the best hair care brand. Its an instant hold for all day long!

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  • mrobin77 By  mrobin77    

    Lil Goes A Long Way

    If you are looking for a great holding long lasting hairspray .....This is it!! One of the only sprays of this day with old school firm hold. Light grape...ish smell is uniquely Aromatic.

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  • mrspolaris By  mrspolaris    

    Hair stays in place

    Instant freeze is exactly what it does. It doesn't take much to get the hold you need. The price is very reasonable and much less than salon sprays. Just don't try to comb your hair after you spray it.

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  • Peaches34 By  Peaches34    

    This freeze spray is my favortes of all the ones i tried so far, it works great

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  • XiomaraC By  XiomaraC    

    I absolutely love all the Aussie products! The hairspray & mousse are definitely my favorites. I keep repurchasing every time because they do wonders for my frizzy curly/wavy hair. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it.

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  • Photographer25 By  Photographer25    

    Instantly freezes on contact and style stays locked all day long.

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  • RosemaryS By  RosemaryS    

    It works, smells great, and fits in my budget

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  • kasey0824 By  kasey0824    

    Smells great, and long lasting! I've been using for years now, and highly recommend this product.

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    I have naturally curly hair & sometimes I like to wear my hair parted in the middle but my hair is not very ruly. I applied Aussie Instant Freeze to my hair, where I wanted it to stay & it did just that - stayed all day just the way I wanted!!

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  • MandaP By  MandaP    

    This product is great! I LOVE the smell and it does exactly what it claims. It freezes. This is not a "casual, everyday, movable hold", it's a "tease your bump and it won't move all day" hold. I used it often when I had a shorter style.

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  • daisymay2010 By  daisymay2010    

    I like a hairspray that helps my hairstyle keep it's shape, but isn't like a helmet and this works great for that! It gives my style hold, with movement, if that makes sense, lol

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  • amylynn76 By  amylynn76    

    I actually really like this stuff!! It makes my hair shiny and has a great hold. Smell is kind of strong but wears off quickly.

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  • nightowl85 By  nightowl85    

    I don't use hairspray much anymore, but when I did I usually used this. It works well, and the scent is great. My grandma uses it too!

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  • sarahburgess By  sarahburgess    

    this mousse makes your hair soft but stay upright at the same time

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