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  • acarrill93 By  acarrill93    

    Leaves hair smelling good

    Aussie Bounce Back dry shampoo is for anyone who wants to liven up their hair add oomph and absorb oil and grease. It contains sea kelp and has no sulfates. I color my hair often and use dry shampoo so that my color stays vivid and lasts long and my curls aren't dry. I usually only wash it one or two times a week maximum and in between that time frame I use dry shampoo for days that I have oily hair. I used this product three times so far and I came to the conclusion that I like the smell of it. It's relaxing and also a light scent. Nothing overwhelming. It's easy to use and apply. It doesn't leave visible white residue and refreshes your hair with the smell. I didn't notice it fading my color so that's great. However, it doesn't dry or absorb all the way after applying it and rubbing it in and brushing my hair. It made my hair obviously look like it had product in it or as if its greasy or damp or still oily as before applying it. Therefore I didn't notice a difference with volume. It left my hair feeling different like caked on or as if there was a film to it. Based off my experience with it, I wouldn't recommend it. This wouldn't be good for anyone with thin hair as it already leaves it looking damp or wet and is good for anyone who just wants their hair to smell good.


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