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  • CharleeRae By  CharleeRae    

    Not a miracle

    On my second attempt at trying to find a dry shampoo, I saw this at the store and it was a great price so I decided to give it a whirl. I've tried other Aussie products in the past and found them to be pretty good. Unfortunately I cannot say that for this one. First off, it comes out wet. Kind of like hairspray....and it feels like it too. It didn't do anything to combat the greasiness and it was hard enough getting a brush through it let alone my fingers. My hair felt heavy and unclean (more so than if I had just not put anything in it) and after a couple hours I couldn't wait to wash my hair. The other issue with it is the smell. Although not really an unpleasant fragrance in general (it's grape) it was so overpowering that I couldn't escape it. I went outside where we were having high winds and even after being outside in that for about an hour, my hair was still so smelly that I pretty much am sure anyone in my general path could get a whiff of it. I will not be buying this again.


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