As Seen On TV Smooth Away Hair Remover

As Seen On TV Smooth Away Hair Remover

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Doesn't work. It's like a nail buffer. Just sands down the skin, while leaving the hair and irritating the skin.

I did not enjoy this item too much. While it did remove my hair, I also felt lile I was scrapping my skin up with how hard you have to push down to remove the thicker hair.

Just find a fine grit sandpaper and rub it against your legs. Hair still there but your skin is red and raw.

does not work!!! you have to rub in circles so many times to just get ONE hair out. it's horrible!!

This product like as many of the as seen on tv products is a big disappointment! It doesn't work, obviously if you from anything for long enough it will removed some hair..... or your skin! DO NOT WASTE your TIME!

It didnt remove any hair on my legs and i got a horrible itchy rash after i used this similar to razor burn

When I used this stuff, I put on lotion before using, and guess what it made me ashy. It hardly got any hair from legs. I am very disappointed with this product.

I love that I'm able to use this product while doing other things ( helping with homework, just relaxing) definitely easier than shaving with three kids running around. Keeps hair gone longer which is nice since I have really thick black hair and have to shave everyday to stay smooth but the downfall and it's a big one, it takes me about an hour and a half to complete this process.

This product did not work at all. It feels like sandpaper.

This product is basically sandpaper for the skin. It does remove hair and does an excellent job exfoliating as you would expect after sanding. I wouldn't use it every day though. I tried this a couple of times and then went back to waxing myself. The only use I would recommend it for is if you want a great leg exfoliater.

This product promised so much but delivered so little. It seemed like a lot of work to get very minute results. It only comes with a few extra pads and those all have to be used in order to see any difference on just the lower part of the leg.

This product only works on longer hair and does not help at all with stubble. It is very uncomfortable and scratchy to use.

I purchased this product years ago when its commercials first started appearing on television. I was so excited to try it as the concept was very unique and appealed to me because of my incredibly sensitive skin. Shaving has never been an enjoyable task for me because no matter what combination of products, razors, and methods I use I still get pretty terrible razor burn. My skin just hates razors so I thought this product could finally be the solution I was looking for. Boy, was I wrong. I read and followed all of the instructions carefully and watched many demonstration videos, but it still didn't work. After having no success by following the instructions I decided to try it out on a multitude of different hair lengths, with wet, damp, and dry skin, and lastly skin that was freshly cleaned and skin that had been moisturized, but nothing worked. I tried everything and I sincerely regret not just tossing it or trying to be refunded. The issue with this product is not just that it doesn't adequately remove hair, it removes your skin with it. It removes a lot more of skin than any product should. I knew that it would remove at least the very thinnest top layer of skin, as does shaving, but I did not realize just how easy it was to remove more than that. This product is essentially sandpaper and it's astounding how quickly and easily you can overdo it and hurt yourself. It did not remove the hair unless some pretty significant force was used and about triple the instructed circular motions. The first time I used this product was before a shower and on my arms. After a ridiculously long time of trying to make it work, I gave up and decided to take my shower. The pain I felt when the water hit my arms was incredibly startling. It felt like I had been badly burned. My mother and best friend also used this product and had the same results I did: painful, burning, and still hairy skin. This product was so disappointing and I still regret purchasing it to this day.

I wish I could give this 0 stars. This did not remove any of my hair and I barely had any stubble. I tried using it many different ways but it never worked. Do Not Buy!

Did not work at all.