Artichoke, Parsley and Grated Parmesan Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


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  • Prep Time:
    45 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    45 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    1 Hr 30 Mins
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Artichoke, Parsley and Grated Parmesan Chee…

Makes: 12 Mushrooms

Description: Just a really great recipe for all you mushroom lovers out there! (and you get to use the whole mushroom in the recipe, even the stems)

1 small pkg  Fresh Whole White Mushrooms (stems need to be included)
1 Small Jar  Marinated Artickoke Hearts (Flora has good ones)
5 Tablespoons  Greated Parmesan Cheese (low sodium works great too)
1 teaspoons  garlic salt
1 teaspoons  black pepper
4 to 5 sprays  ANY Spray butter
2 Tablespoons  Olive Oil
1/2 Cup  Bread Crumbs (seasoned or Panko)
1/2 Cup  Chopped Fresh Parsley
3 Tablespoons  Chopped Onions

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 or 375 depending on how quick you want them to cook!
1st separate the stems from the caps, wash both well so all the dirt is off them. Take the mushrooms caps, turn them upside down and let them dry on a paper towel. While they dry spray them with butter and sprinkle them with a little garlic salt.

You will need a mixing bowl for this next step. Take the mushroom stems and chop them up really good, try not to leave any big pieces, anything smaller then your pinky nail is fine. Next chop your onions, same way as well as about 5 or 6 artichoke hearts from the jar (HINT: if you don't like the marinated artichoke hearts you can also use the ones that come in the can that are just in water). Put these both in the mixing bowl. Then take the spray butter and spray 4 or 5 times onto the mix that is now in the mixing bowl. Next chop your parsley and add that to the bowl. Then add the black pepper, garlic salt and olive oil. Mix all that together real good, then you can add the Grated Cheese and Bread Crumbs.

Now all your ingredients should be mixed well together in the bowl and you should have what looks like stuffing, if it seems too dry you can add more Olive Oil and Butter (HINT: the mix needs to be moist in order to stuff the mushrooms).

Now you are ready to stuff, take caps one by one (HINT: I like to spray inside each mushroom with butter before I stuff them, this helps keep them moist while cooking). Using a teaspoon is best, and scoop the stuffing into each mushroom. Line the mushrooms, after each is stuffed on a cookie sheet about a pinky width apart (Hint: line your cookie sheet or baking pan with tin foil and spray with Pam to keep mushrooms from sticking). Once they are all stuffed and lined up I like to sprinkle them with some more grated cheese...then you are ready to pop them in the oven......45 to 50 minutes later remove, let cool for at least 10 to 15 minutes, serve and enjoy!

(Hint: For a fluffier stuffing Panko Bread Crumbs Work Great!)

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