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  • storm1 By  storm1    

    Great essential oils

    I learned about Art Naturals at an Expo and was so happy to try some samples! I really enjoy their basic essential oil scents as well as their unique combinations. Works just as well as any other essential oils.

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  • tiathile By  tiathile    

    Try it with something new !

    As a licensed esthetician , i love oils for everything ! Especially lavender .. a few drops in my dryer or even on my folded towels . And best of all ... have you tried it on your pillow ?? It really helps relax yourself and fall asleep happy

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  • Resor123 By  Resor123    

    Essential oils from Amazon

    To be honest I was very skeptical when purchasing this item, but when it came in the mail I was elated to find out they were actually real. The oils are concentrated, and perfect for defusing!

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