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  • katieshuck By  katieshuck    

    I have a child with a dairy (whey & casein) allergy, so this is the perfect heavy cream substitute for most of my baking and cooking. I only wish that it was easier to find to buy in bulk.

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  • tyanym121103 By  tyanym121103    

    I love coconut, so it does not matter in which form it comes in. But this is really good to make drinks with specially coquitos.

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  • ky_leon By  ky_leon    

    Great, smooth taste - its flavor is helpful to add to pancakes, cakes, cookies, and even your morning fruit smoothies! Ladies, very beneficial for hair, skin & nails.

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  • Southern-girl By  Southern-girl    

    Great taste usually use with my pinto beans adds a creamy texture

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  • edithkate By  edithkate    

    Good for cooking and a great quality product just a bit expensive.

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  • Kaynaebae By  Kaynaebae    

    hate coconut milk

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  • MissAnnieB By  MissAnnieB    

    Great for curry and other Laotian and Thai dishes!

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  • FeliciaBauer By  FeliciaBauer    

    Great for curry and other thai dishes!

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    This is great for making curries and Thai dishes. It can be hard to find, best bet is to check out an Asian grocery.

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