Arm & Hammer Slide Easy Clean Up Clumping Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Slide Easy Clean Up Clumping Cat Litter

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Well Worth It. Tough Clumps, No Odor! I Love this litter. It's a little pricier than most, but well worth it. Although I clean his messes out of the litter box daily, when I use the Arm & Hammer, I only have to completely empty it once every 10 days or so. That more than makes up for the higher cost! When money gets REALLY tight, I'll buy a cheaper brand and mix it in with this one.

Pricey, but Worth it Arm & Hammer Slide Easy Clean Up Clumping Cat Litter does exactly what it says. It makes scooping the litter box easy. It also doesn't stick to the bottom of the litter box as bad as some other brands. We have one cat and with this litter we can go 3-4 days of not scooping before the litter box starts to smell, but once we scoop it we can easily get a week and most of the time two weeks or more before having to dump all the litter out and cleaning the litter box. This litter is on the pricey side, but if you can afford it, it is worth it to have litter that keeps your house smelling good with little work.

The name says it all!! It clumps well and doesn't stick like cement to the side or bottom of box. I have 3 cats all in the same litter pan. This stuff is a lifesaver.

Worst Litter Not a fan of this at all. This is actually the only litter I've tried that has a significant clumping problem.

No clump finally it's here I wish they thought of this year's ago I'm a pet parent my cats would enjoy this plus it would be super simple cleaning the litter box smells great plenty of oder eaters best kitty litter on the market highly recommend this to cat lovers

Not very good. We decided to try this litter since it said that it would slide right out. That was not the case. I still had to scrap it off the side and bottom of the litter box. My cat started refusing to use the litter box. She started doing her business beside it. We went back to using Fresh Step and have not had any issues.

The Kitty Cat Rebellion I bought a brand new litter box so I could give this litter a fair trial without any residue from any other litter or any scratches or defects in the box that would cause litter to stick to it. My first thought was that it is was a lot smoother and the pieces much smaller/finer than I was expecting. My cats observed me and both had urinated in the box within the first half hour after it was filled. The neat freak in me wanted to immediately scoop it out but I decided to give it a little time to harden since it's after that that the litter adheres so strongly to boxes that it is like scraping concrete off the sides and bottom of the box. After a half hour of drying time, I scooped it out. It seemed to adhere to itself more strongly and less so on the box, although there were still remnants on the side of the box. It was not completely dry when scooped out so that may be the reason it did not fully come out. I was unable to review it after that because, after initial use, the cats did not use this litter again. I don't know why not. I thought Tink would like the smaller and finer particles because her previous guardian had her nails lasered off so her paws are sensitive. Kira has asthma so the light film on the particles may have bothered her. The humans also experienced asthma flares after the box was in place