Arm  & Hammer Sensitive whitening with Orajel

Arm & Hammer Sensitive whitening with Orajel

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I have sensitive teeth, & this product has been the only thing that has helped. The taste threw me off a little bit at first, but I got used to it after a while. It has definitely lessened the pain & sensitivity in my teeth. If you have any issues with sensitivity, you should give this a try.

I like the scent and the way it cleans your teeth.

I used to use this and Sensodyne. Once I tried the new Crest Sensitivity Products I will never use those products again.

This is nice! I got a free sample from somewhere (can't remember where) and I actually was surprised that I liked it quite a bit! I started having a problem with sensitive teeth, and this did not make them bad at all! I also liked that it was whitening at the same time! It tasted pretty good, although not amazing. Overall, I was pretty impressed!

Got a free sample from Walmart. I have sensitive teeth, and have used Sensodyne. I really like this better. Not only does it whiten, but also helps with the sensitive spots on my 2 bottom right teeth. This is a name that I trust, and used various products of theirs for years. Baking soda, laundry detergent to name a couple. If you are not getting relief with your toothpaste, give it a try. Worked for me.