Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter

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I really appreciate a litter that doesn't clump and you can't smell a litter box. I started using the Arm and Hammer brand and have stuck with it. It is great at absorbing oders, you cansmell the litter box at all when entering my home.

Kitty litter does the job This litter works well for our cat. She likes it, it helps control the smell, and clumps well. Worth the cost. If it works well and helps keep your cat healthy and happy, why wouldn't you pay for it? Some things are worth saving on, for others you get what you pay for. We also use a lot of coupons, and have the rewards card at the pet store, so we also get store coupons for all the food and litter we buy. From my experience, Arm & Hammer products tend to work as advertised.

Great product I like this item my only issue is it's weight! It's hard to pour due to weight.

The litter was okay. Id probably buy it on sale. I change my litter frequently as I have 3 cats and their box can get stinky fast. The pebbles in the litter were small and seemed to go everywhere. I also had a problem with the litter dust, wasnt a very nice experience. It wasnt horrible, but not something Id keep buying all the time.

Stays fresh longer. The smaller more refined litter leaves less mess

Did not like for my cats. It is messy and had bad urine smell . Don't work for multi cats.

The cats love this. I also love it because it really does smell good for a decent amount of time. We have an older cat with frequent UTI's, and she has done well with this litter. I have noticed that there is a lot outside of the litter box, but it is easy to clean up. It is worth the price.

Amazing! My cats seem to love it, and they are super picky when it comes to litter. There is no dust, it smells very fresh and clumps nice. 3 cats use 2 different little boxes, only 1 slight problem is that they track it away from the litter box, but what litter doesnt do that? Price is pretty good for the amount in the bag.

I love this litter. NO DUST! Low perfume and does the job! And the cats like it. Its a little expensive but they always have coupons on there site or on the bags. Plus they sell it at Walmart for less than at the bigger stores. Its worth the cost. And to me no dust on the furniture is a blessing.