Arm & Hammer Essentials Mountain Rain Laundry Detergent

Arm & Hammer Essentials Mountain Rain Laundry Detergent

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Super Cheap Super Effective. Love being able to use this laundry detergent with out breaking my budget.

I used this when it first came out, I love the smell of it and that it is mostly natural. I also used the concentrated cleaners that had this same smell, (which they don'tmake any longer) ;

I really like anything from this company. Have never been disappointed with results and the price is great!

I have used this and it works great!

I like the smell of this Product and the Price is ok to

I have used liquid A$H detergent and it works well. Clothes smell fresh after washing. Does this one come in HE? I'd like to try it.

I wish this was more HE friendly. I have tried this in the past and the scents are very good. Usually a good value when pair a sale w/ coupons.

I love Arm & Hammer products and alot of time they are cheaper then other products.

My husband and daughter are both allergy/scent sensitive. It was suggested years ago that we switch to A&H detergent. Now they are 'itch' free and our laundry always smells fresh.

Wonderful-wonderful-wonderful product!!!! i buy this on a regular basis- it works wonders and leaves a FRESH, long lasting scent on everything you wash!!!!

Since first trying this product, it's the only detergent we use. I love the scent and don't have any objections to it's cleaning ability but then again, I've never really had any issues with A&H products.

I really like A&H detergents, they work great and have a great price.

Love this! And so inexpensive...there's no good reason to not buy it!

Wonderful smelling clean and fresh laundry detergent with a great price. This detergent is the only reasonably priced detergent I have found that leaves my clothes smelling so good even after they have been dried without any fabric softener. It is unbelievable.