Argentine Town Says No To Beauty Pageants

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 28, 2014

The debate over whether beauty pageants are just a way to further exploit women or a harmless competition have been swirling for years, but one town in Argentina has decided enough is enough by banning these types of pageants calling them “sexist”. The Buenos Aires town of Chivilcoy recently made the announcement that they will be doing away with any beauty pageants held in the town as a way to discourage obsessions over physical beauty.

BBC reports about the town’s ban on beauty pageants and what it means for Argentina, a country that is well known for taking part in these types of competitions. Many Latin American television personalities started their careers by winning beauty pageants, but Chivilcoy believes the price for such fame is too high. By making their announcement, Chivilcoy has become the first in the entire country to say no to beauty pageants.

The town’s council believes the competitions does more harm than good by encouraging poor body image and contributing to the growing cases of anorexia and bulimia. Instead of taking part in the pageants residents can celebrate the achievements of their young residents. They will carnival mask competitions instead and award people for the time they spend volunteering rather than parading down a catwalk in a bathing suit.

What do you think of this town’s move to ban beauty pageants?

What do you think of beauty pageants? Do you think more places should take a cue from this town?

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