Are Pre-Peeled Bananas Too Wasteful?

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.04.12
Are Pre-Peeled Bananas Too Wasteful?

As many of us struggle to waste as little as possible, one new food packaging product has lots of people confused and frustrated over its seeming lack of common sense. One Austrian grocery store is causing the banana buzz as they have begun selling pre-peeled bananas re-packaged in cellophane sitting atop a foam tray.

Gizmodo’s Andrew Liszewski reports about the packaged fruit that has internet users abuzz over the blatant wastefulness the grocery store has exhibited in this case. Liszewski explains, “One of the reasons bananas have been billed as the world's most perfect food is that they come with their own biodegradable packaging straight off the tree. And it's not like you need a knife or some wacky kitchen contraption to peel them—the skin practically falls off on its own.”

Many grocery stores also package other fruits and vegetables like pre-chopped onions, pre-peeled garlic, carrots, apple slices, etc. But for some reason, the pre-peeled banana has really struck a cord with people who feel the store’s move makes little sense to fruit eaters who can simply peel a banana with their hands (no knife necessary).

What do you think of this grocery store’s move to sell pre-peeled bananas in plastic packaging?

Do you ever purchase pre-peeled or sliced fruits and vegetables at your grocery store?

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  • sjm423 By sjm423

    This is a waste, its fun to un slice a banana come on!!!!


    pre-peeled bananas are crazy! Can we get any lazier??!! Total waste of money! The peel also protects it so it will not get smushed as easily as it wouold packaged without it!

  • tara19652006 By tara19652006

    That is crazy,how hard is it to peel a banana? When my boys are hungry when we are out shopping I buy them bananas as it is ready to eat. My boys wont eat pre sliced apples as they have a chemical taste,they would rather have a whole apple.

  • Grant82 By Grant82

    waste of product to wrap it in. it takes all of a few seconds to peel a banana

  • connie0908 By connie0908

    And the point of this is??? If they Compost the banana peels than yes maybe I can understand it because most people do not compost but honestly who would want to eat a banana that has no peel to protect it from germs?

  • LakeladyP By LakeladyP

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of in the grocery store, maybe anywhere!

  • moonlightkissed By moonlightkissed

    I would never buy these. They probably want a lot of money for them too because they have to be loaded with preservatives so they won't brown. I have purchased other fruits pre sliced. It's just cheaper to buy things whole and add lemon juice to preserve them.

  • graceed1963 By graceed1963

    I understand the point of pre-peeled garlic. Its faster and easier when you are cooking with garlic. But pre-peeled bananas seems like a ridiculous idea. That just seems lazy! It also seems unsanitary and I don't see how the bananas will be as fresh as they are when you peel them yourself.

  • ToshaL By ToshaL

    NO, why buy something without a part and pay more?? Also, have you not heard that banana peels are a great food for flowers and gardens!

  • MBettyGatsby By MBettyGatsby

    Wasteful but obviously people are buying them otherwise they would not continue to do it.

  • alwaysblabbing By alwaysblabbing

    I have brought presliced apples because they are just easier to serve in a hurry. But pre-peeled bannanas is ridiculous. Why would they feel the need to sell this? I couldn't imagine paying more for something that is not inconvenient in the first place.

  • kfrancois By kfrancois

    Couldn't buy pre-peeled bananas! What a waste!! I understand sliced apples and say, chunks of watermelon. Peeling a banana isnt even work lol

  • Cloris By Cloris

    The idea of someone peeling my bananas, and placing them in non biodegradable containers bothers me.

  • sandysandmeyer By sandysandmeyer

    The added cost for this purchase wouldn't be worth it. What sort of chemical is going to be used on the banana to keep it from browning once exposed to the air. Manufacturing already puts all sorts of unnecessary and dangerous chemicals in our food. Those lovely yellow bananas are already gassed to make them look appealing to you. It's better for you to purchase foods that are tampered with the least.

  • jjbsmom By jjbsmom

    Pre peeled bannanas? How lazy are we getting as a society? Ithought individually wrapped potatoes and uncrustables were the height of laziness.

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