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  • Britnev By  Britnev    

    I selected this toner as part of my summer Beauty Fix kit and I was so glad that I did. This is not a spray toner so it requires a little bit more work than just spraying on the face. Slightly dampen a cotton ball with the toner and then wipe over your entire face using upward motion strokes. You will immediately feel as if the toner is foaming although it really isn't. It just feels that way. Although it says this is a cranberry toner I don't smell any actual cranberry scent. It has a slight fruity scent that I rather like. Once applied it leaves a slightly sticky feeling on the skin. At first I didn't like this however now I don't even notice since I know what the end result will be. Once the toner dries it leaves your skin feeling squeeky clean and smooth. I love the fact that you can actually see the grime on the cotton ball which shows that it is cleaning out your pores. I received a sample size in my kit. I have been using this almost everyday since and I have loads left - so it lasts a long time. I will be purchasing a full size of this once my sample is gone.


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