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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    A little goes a long way. It is very sweet and strong. I love it though.

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  • Aantonelli1 By  Aantonelli1    

    If you love the smell of cotton candy, you will love this perfume. I have tried to use sweet smelling perfumes in the past and hated them because they would be too weak, turned a funky smell, or didn't last at all. Pink Sugar nailed it. They made exactly what I was looking for. Smells great, lasts all day, and didn't have that fake candy smell to it.

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  • YvessaintBria By  YvessaintBria    

    Super sweet. Loved the smell but apparently the bugs did too.

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  • noellenyny8403 By  noellenyny8403    

    I have been trying to find this everywhere! I've received samples and want a full bottle. Its super sweet and feminine (reminds me of candy) but is pleasant. I heard it's rather inexpensive also, just hard to find.

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  • ccluv121 By  ccluv121    

    This is one of my favorite scents. It is affordable and lasts a long long time. It is sweet and innocent but playful, young but adult at the same time. I will never stop buying it!

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  • ibahowell By  ibahowell    

    This is a great fragrance. It smells like cotton candy and vanilla. I love this fragrance for weekends. It is a younger scent, but I still love it. I love candy and sugary smells so this fits me perfect.

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  • parasolsg By  parasolsg    

    I love this fragrance! My mom wears it and it is definitely my favorite. Every time she has it on I have to sneak sniff her. It is a fun flirty scent that isn't too overpowering, but it does have some earthyness. It definitely does not have an overpowering scent of licorice, pepper or citronella... perhaps the bottle that person bought was expired, or they have a very sensitive palette.

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  • cgmartin79 By  cgmartin79    

    This is my absolute favorite fragrance!! I wish it wasn't so hard to find. I've been wearing it for several years and it's always gotten me many compliments.

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  • DarkhHorseDesigns By  DarkhHorseDesigns    

    It is the most amazing scent. Pink Sugar smells heavenly, my favorite color, and the frangrance is very long lasting. Its very light, hint of vanilla, hint of floral. My go to for daily use. Cost is good for the size of product. Scent is light and summery, or wear in the winter months and smelld kind of like holiday baking. Love this fragrance and will continue to buy and use!

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  • nunyabiznis7 By  nunyabiznis7    

    This does smell like what you imagine pink sugar would smell like. It's great for summer ..a nice,fresh, light scent.

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  • reetl1 By  reetl1    

    I tried this perfume and liked it. It is perfect for spring and summer. It is a sweet scent and it is a fun scent.

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  • Meigan By  Meigan    

    I love the dry down phase much better than the first spray. The first spray is a bit musky for my liking, but I suffer though it just to indulge in the sweetness of the dry down. I don't wear it as an 'everyday', for fear that the cupcakey-ness and cotton-candy-esque scent will turn others against me, I like to wear it once in awhile.

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  • Liz_Rocket By  Liz_Rocket    

    This is NOT a light fragrance. Citronella is listed as an ingrediant in the list on the bottle and the first spray smelled like a strong mix of mosquito repellant, pepper and licorice. Subsequent sprays leveled out the citronella a bit, but still citrusy, which doesnt meld well with the caramel/vanilla aspects. i really really wanted to love this stuff but really, the crappy cheapo sprays from walmart smell better.

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  • rachel31 By  rachel31    

    sugar sweetness! Smells great and keeps you smelling like sugar, literally! It is comparable to fantasy by brittney spears but more of a woodsy smell then super sweet like fantasy. Love it and difinitely recomend it.

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  • shellin3 By  shellin3    

    I stood in a perfume store for two hours. I wanted a new scent, and i wanted something that was "ME." I finally found it. It is the most amazing scent in the world to me. Its called Pink Sugar, my favorite color, and the frangrance is gorgeous. Its very light, hint of vanilla, hint of floral. I layer on the body cream, i put the lotion on my arms and legs. It comes in a rollerball for travel, and many other forms which other companies do not offer. There is the actual perfume, the rollerball larger scent with sparkles for that night on the town. There is a spray deoderant, and a spray for your hair! Perfume for the hair!! It comes it sets during Holidays, which are a great buy. I cant say enough about this frangrance, and i will forever be buying it! LOVE!

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