Aquafina Lip Balm

Aquafina Lip Balm

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I used to use this lip balm all the time! I loved how smooth it went on and the way it smelled.

It's a good thing These are great. There's no mint or cinnamon flavor so when your lips are chapped you wont make them worse. Nice little lip balm, great price and good value. I always have this is my bag.

This was a pretty average chapstick but considering the price and how much you get per packet its not a bad deal. The scent was alright, but i wasnt exactly a big fan. They remind me of the generic chapstick brand in terms of quality as it feels moisiurizing while your putting it on, but after a couple hours I find that my lips are typically even more chapped and dried.

I love these. The citrus one has an odd flavor and smell, but they mousturize really well and all of the other scents are very pleasant. Blue one is the best in the pack, in my opinion.

I think it's a cool concept, but they are about an average chapstick. They smell great and do moisturize my lips but doesn't keep them moisturized very long. Most likely wouldn't buy again, however.

I like these but hate how often I have to reapply. I like my lip balms to have a bit thicker consistency.

Purchased a pack of 4 and they were very moisturizing. I love them I only have one left and I never leave the house without Chapstick. I apply this on while doing my makeup and it gives me that glossy but not to glossy look on my lips while also moisturizing them. A must have!!

These Aquafina lip balms are amazing! They go on creamy and feel awesome on my lips! They last a long time so if you are outside in the sun they protect your lips. Also in hot places like Arizona where most lip balms melt into a mess if you keep in your purse or pocket these lip balms actually hold up okay. I highly recommend trying them!

I love this balms because I like the way it feels on my lip it leaves my lips smooth is a very good Moisturizer

I only like the smell of the blue one. The others are not very appealing. They also taste funny once you rub it in. However, I am surprised at how moisturizing this chapstick is with such a low price! If you can get past the smells, it is really worth the price.

Its okay, it doesnt really smell that good though.

There okay . I wish the product smelt better by whatever's it makes your lips soft

This product was okay, but not one of my favorites.

I didn't really like these, I wouldn't repurchase them. They didn't leave my lips feeling moisturized and they didn't smell amazingly either.

This is okay, but not the best I have ever used, would but only if I had a coupon for it.