April Fool's Funnies Across the Web

   By drodriguez  Apr 02, 2012

The internet had no shortage of April Fool’s Day pranks this last Sunday when giants like Google, Sony, and Virgin took part in some good old fashioned trickery. A recent report from MSNBC highlights some of the well-played pranks across the web.

Google made quite a production of the unveiling of a phony new product called “Gmail Tap” which eliminates 26 keys to just 2 allowing users to communicate entirely in Morse code. In one segment of the absurdly amusing video clip, it shows how users can switch modes in order to type two emails at once.

Sony also threw its hat in the April Fool’s Day ring when it introduced a new miniature laptop computer the size of a quarter. When customers click on a link to purchase the tiny computer they are given the “April Fool’s” message.

Virgin’s Richard Branson took funny to another level when he announced “Virgin Volcanic”, a new vehicle that would take its passengers to the center of an active volcano. Branson said that he planned to make the first trip in the vehicle with actor Tom Hanks, who also happened to star in “Joe Versus the Volcano”.

Other Fool’s Day funnies included Kuerig coffee maker company’s unveiling of a product that would allow customers to "brew delicious meals in your Keurig machine” and an electronic attachment for your iPad that would allow users to play “Hungry Hungry Hippos”.

Were you taken in by any of these April Fool’s Day pranks?

A recent SheSpeaks poll reveals more than half of us partake in April Fool's Day, share your practical jokes and pranks you pulled this year!


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debsmad by debsmad | unsubscribe, WI
Apr 02, 2012

Ha, I hadn't heard about any of those mentioned in the article but I was briefly fooled by three different things yesterday. First, Yoplait posted on their Facebook page announcing the newest flavor: Supreme Pizza yogurt. I was like "EEEUUW!!!" before I realized it was a joke. Then on Twitter, Minnesota Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe said he'd just heard the team was bought by some company (I don't remember offhand) and were indeed moving to LA (as had been rumored). I'm a Vikings fan and was momentarily heartbroken before I realized it was a joke. And finally, on a Hunger Games site there was an article about the next two movies in the series being split up into three movies each. I was shocked and pissed and about to rant to my husband when I noticed in the comments it said . . . April Fools. DOH!!! lol